Summer 2020 with Save The Bay

Summer 2020 with Save The Bay

A new look for camps, activities and more

Summer looks a little different this year, and, since we can’t spend the season together in-person, we’re offering four new ways to enjoy Narragansett Bay and learn from Save The Bay staff this season!

From two new camp programs (Zoom Into Narragansett Bay and Shore to Your Door), to our virtual Exploration Center and Aquarium tours, and our new Narragansett Bay Naturalist Guide, you’ll have everything you need to keep your family entertained and educated this summer!

Keep reading below to learn more. The fun starts this July!

Are YOU ready to Zoom Into Narragansett Bay this summer!?

Remote Summer Camps

Zoom Into Narragansett Bay

For completed grades 2-12

Save The Bay brings fun, learning and activities right into your home with "Zoom Into Narragansett Bay" and other summertime activities!
“Zoom Into Narragansett Bay” for learning and fun right at home this summer!

Zoom Into Narragansett Bay with Save The Bay educators! When you sign up to “Zoom into Narragansett Bay,” you’ll be able to tune in for two days of themed games, crafts and more. Plus, we’ll mail you your very own 2020 summer camp t-shirt

How It Works: The lead educator will email all registrants one week before the start of camp with additional information and the Zoom link. We may also ask you to supply your camper with a minimal amount of craft supplies.

Weekly Themes: Habitats (July 6), Adaptations (July 20), Biodiversity (August 3), Go Green (August 17)

Registration for Completed Grades 2-4

Registration for Completed Grades 5-7

Registration for Completed Grades 8-12

Save The Bay Member Price: $60.00
Non-member Price: $75.00

Shore to Your Door

For completed grades K-1

Camp 2020 logoHave Narragansett-Bay-themed fun with this activity-packed kit, delivered right to your door! Your camper will have fun learning about Narragansett Bay at home, online and around the Bay!

How It Works: When you register for “Shore to Your Door,” we’ll send you a kit including up to 5 crafts, 10 activity worksheets, links to recorded songs and stories, and a 2020 summer camp t-shirt!  

Order Your July “Habitats” Kit

Order Your August “Animals” Kit

Save The Bay Member Price: $60.00
Non-member Price: $75.00

Chain catsharks at Save The Bay's Exploration Center and Aquarium
Chain catsharks explore the bottom of the shark touch tank at Save the Bay’s Exploration Center and Aquarium.

Virtual Exploration Center and Aquarium Tours

Are you one of the many guests who has missed visiting our aquarium in recent months? Or maybe you’ve never visited before, but are looking for safe, fun, marine biology-based activities to enjoy this summer? We are now proud to present our Virtual Exploration Center and Aquarium Tours!

Learn More

Book Your Tour Today!

Save The Bay Members: $10
Non-members: $15

Become a Narragansett Bay Naturalist!

Download your Narragansett Bay Naturalist Guide for 60+ pages of self-directed activities, challenges and fun.


Buy your copy

Save The Bay Member Price: $7
Non-member Price: $10

At Save The Bay, our mission is to protect and improve Narragansett Bay. Our vision is a fully swimmable, fishable, healthy Narragansett Bay, accessible to all.

With that in mind, we created this activity book to help guide YOU through all the wonderful things that Narragansett Bay has to offer. Inside the guide, you will find activities, coloring pages, exploration ideas, and fun facts, all centered around our favorite place: Narragansett Bay.

This activity book can be completed individually, as a family, or with friends. The world is your oyster!

Once you have completed all the pages in this book, you will officially be a Narragansett Bay Naturalist!

Get your guide today!

The cover of the Narragansett Bay Naturalist Guide
Activities, challenges and more await with the Narragansett Bay Naturalist Guide!