Stacy Coutu and David Boulanger, 2018 Volunteers of the Year

2018 Volunteers of the Year

Stacy Coutu of Providence, R.I. and David Boulanger of Coventry, R.I.

Stacy Coutu, shown here, was named Save The Bay's 2018 Volunteer of the Year alongside longtime friend David Boulanger.
Stacy Coutu provides critical support to Save The Bay’s annual Swim’s registration and timing stations.
David Boulanger, shown here, plays a critical role in Save The Bay's Annual Swim and was named 2018's Volunteer of the Year.
David Boulanger manages the complex timing station and procedure during Save The Bay’s annual Swim.

Stacy Coutu and David Boulanger are longtime friends who have become crucial participants in Save The Bay’s annual Swim. Each year, both volunteers are active before the sun has risen.

Couto, a former Save The Bay staff member, joins the registration team in the early morning at the Newport Naval Station, where she helps check in participants and assists with the start of the Swim. Then, Couto rushes to the finish line, where Boulanger is already at work preparing and assembling the complicated timing station. Together, the pair mans the station and carefully calculates the finishing time of each swimmer—a task that requires an abundance of time, patience and focus.

Each year, Save The Bay relies on the expertise and diligence of these two volunteers to ensure the success of the organization’s biggest fundraising event.