Rosemary Quinn: New Vessel, New Education Opportunities 

The Rosemary Quinn: New Vessel, New Education Opportunities

Jen Kelly, public programs manager

On a chilly November morning, Save The Bay’s Education Staff set out on Little Narragansett Bay onboard the M/V Rosemary Quinn, the newest vessel to join Save The Bay’s fleet

Education specialists Felicia and Aura collect water samples off of Rosemary Quinn.

Although it’s fall, it’s never too early to think about spring programming for students! The addition of the M/V Rosemary Quinn and her specific capabilities provide new opportunities for education programming around the Bay. Our team of educators set out to test activities onboard; education specialists Felicia and Aura collected water samples, while Captain Chris lowered a sediment grab to collect a sample of sediment from the seabed. Sifting through our findings, we were surprised to catch a spider crab in the grab! We also set up a station with microscopes to observe plankton. Together, we discussed ideas for engaging students with on-vessel experiences like these. There are endless possibilities for exploration and inspiration!

Rosemary differs from our other Save The Bay vessels due to the fact that she is a landing craft and will give us the ability to beach during programs. On this day, we brought the vessel over to Napatree Point in Westerly and practiced grounding in shallow water. We lowered the ramp right off of the bow and stepped off into about 12 inches of water. 

Putting Rosie’s beaching capabilities to the test at Napatree!

This capability is especially meaningful because it gives us the opportunity to access sites and locations that we previously haven’t been able to get to with our other vessels. With the Rosemary, we will be more accessible to school groups and be able to pick groups up along local shorelines. Students will be able to step right on board the bow and head out on Narragansett Bay for an exciting new experience! 

As a team, it’s important for the Explore The Bay staff to get together on the vessel to brainstorm ideas for hands-on, experiential learning. Hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren have been introduced to Narragansett Bay through Save The Bay’s approach to marine science and environmental education, and the addition of the Rosemary Quinn will only expand these opportunities. 

During November 2021, the Rosemary Quinn was used for our Nature Cruises in Westerly! The vessel will also be instrumental in our Summer 2022 BayCamps.