Bay Center Programs


The Save The Bay Center located at the southern tip of Fields Point, Providence, acts as a gateway to Narragansett Bay, providing safe access to the water for local urban communities. Our waterfront site and dock make this an ideal location for combining a boat program with one of our existing outreach or coastal programs in a laboratory-like environment.

The Bay Center is a “living classroom” exposing students to unique design features — such as our vegetated roof, stormwater management system and photovoltaic panels — that conserve energy and help protect the land.

The Bay Center also offers:

  • Two classrooms, equipped for up to 30 students each, with microscopes for in-depth study of plankton, marine plants and animals;
  • A touch tank with live critters;
  • Green building tours;
  • A dock with two on-site education vessels, M/V Swift and M/V Alletta Morris, available for shipboard or combination programs;
  • Easy access to exploration of our rocky shore, coastal buffer and ongoing salt marsh restoration site;
  • The site-specific program listed below.

Coastal Resources: Sustainable Design and Development

This program introduces students to green design features and sustainable building methods demonstrated at the Bay Center. Participants learn how to apply such sustainable practices to their daily life.

The program is ideal for focusing on relevant and local community issues and engaging students in thoughtful discussion about the politics, science and social concerns surrounding land use and coastal development. Students are encouraged to

creatively address ecological challenges through drawing a plan for Rocky Point or other coastal development sites.

Grades: 6-AdultLength: 1-1.5 hours
Cost: $150.00 (up to 20 particiapnts)

Bay Center programs are often best when combined with a shipboard program. Most of our outreach or coastal programs can also be held at the Bay Center.