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Save The Bay In The News Archives

Celebrate Earth Day at a Community Cleanup

Rhode Island Monthly – 4/20/22

Save The Bay Swim returns on August 6, registration opens

What’s Up Newp – 4/11/22

Commission looking to change how Rhode Island coastal agency makes decisions

Providence Journal – 4/5/22

35 Fun Things to Do in Rhode Island This April

Rhode Island Monthly – 4/4/22

Ideas for ‘401 Gives’

Providence Daily Dose – 4/1/22

Celebrating Our Connection to the Earth

Patch – 4/1/22

Block Island Seal Count: 67 harbor seals, 39 gray seals and so much more

Block Island Times – 3/26/22

Save the Bay’s yearly seal count paints a healthy picture of Narragansett Bay

ABC6 – 3/24/22

Citizen scientists count 464 seals in Narragansett Bay, 106 on Block Island, during Save The Bay’s annual Bay-Wide Seal Count

What’s Up Newp – 3/17/22

Senate bill would create ‘environmental justice focus areas’ in R.I.

Boston Globe – 3/11/22

How much of RI’s beaches are open to the public? Panel is closer to an answer

Providence Journal – 3/4/22

Coors Light eliminating plastic rings from packaging, local environmental groups react

ABC6 – 3/2/22

February Vacation Activities for Kids

Rhode Island Monthly – 2/20/22

Aboard a Save The Bay’s seal tours in Newport RI

Providence Journal – 2/18/22

Save the Bay seal tour in Newport Harbor

Providence Journal – 2/18/22

RI newbie tries chilling with the seals in Newport for a splash of adventure

Providence Journal – 2/18/22

R.I. shore access commission has some ideas. They might not sit well with everyone.

Boston Globe – 2/17/22

Years-long effort to remove sunken barge hits new snag in Providence

WPRI – 2/15/22

Brief Supports Overturning Ruling that OK’d Expansion of Controversial Block Island Marina

ecoRI News – 2/11/22

Opinion/Stone: Rhode Island’s CRMC needs fundamental change

Providence Journal – 2/6/22

31 Fun Things to Do in Rhode Island This February

Rhode Island Monthly – 2/4/22

12+ Ways to Spend a Winter’s Day around the East Bay

The Bay – 1/31/22

Shoreline Study Commission Mulls Change to Lateral Beach Access

ecoRI News – 1/29/22

Shoreline access commission agrees law should change, but has yet to settle on new boundary

Providence Journal – 1/28/22

Harbor Seal Watching on RI’s Narragansett Bay

Cruising Compass – 1/27/22

Would R.I. lose lawsuits if it expanded shore access? Probably not, an expert says

Boston Globe – 1/27/22

Safe Harbor Pollution Insurance Partners With Rhode Island Environmental Non-Profit: Save The Bay

PR Newswire – 1/27/22

Best things to do in R.I. this week: Jan. 21-28

Boston Globe – 1/20/22

Why Coastal Resource reforms must focus on environmental racism

Uprise RI – 1/20/22

Should Rhode Island ban nips? One legislator sees it as a way to cut down on litter

Providence Journal – 1/17/22

Save the Bay Calls for Stronger RI Enforcement – Blasts State for Slashing DEM’s Staffing

GoLocal Prov – 1/17/22

Pawtucket’s Remediated Brownfields Improve River, Community Health

ecoRI News – 1/10/22

After 45 years, wind energy might finally give this East Providence site a purpose

Providence Journal – 1/9/22

Implementation of R.I.’s New Freshwater Wetlands Regulations Delayed Six Months

ecoRI News – 1/7/22


Newport This Week – 1/6/22

How to Move a Marsh: Work Continues to Save Sapowet Marsh

ecoRI News – 12/12/21

How much of RI’s shoreline is the public entitled to? Commission seeks clarity

Providence Journal – 12/9/21

Episode 112-04-21: Save The Bay – The 95.9 Company Break

95.9 WCRI – 12/7/21

The Gray Seals of Block Island

Block Island Times – 12/4/21

Providence City Council Continues Efforts to Ban LPG Expansion

ecoRI News – 12/4/21

Seals – and Save The Bay Seal Tours – return to Newport Saturday

Cranston Herald – 12/1/21

Save The Bay’s Seal Tours, Sea and Rose Island Tours return to Newport on Saturday

What’s Up Newp – 12/1/21

Newport Seal Tour – Save the Bay Center

Patch – 12/1/21

Letter: Spotlighting stormwater run-off issues

East Bay RI – 11/30/21

The Top 10 Educational Day Trips for Families in the Northeast

Learning Liftoff – 11/30/21

With federal approval of South Fork wind farm, construction could begin early next year

Providence Journal – 11/27/21

Work Planned to Make Popular Quonochontaug Pond and Breachway More Climate Resilient

ecoRI News – 11/26/21

‘It’s getting out of control’: Washington County residents sound off on beach access to state legislative committee

Westerly Sun – 11/20/21

At public hearing, speakers say Rhode Island has a ways to go on shoreline access

The Public’s Radio – 11/19/21

Girard’s Eagle Scout project reminds residents to keep drains clean

The Valley Breeze – 11/18/21

Virtual Artists for The Bay sale to benefit Save the Bay

Warwick Beacon – 11/18/21

Local artists join Save The Bay for the 2021 Artists for The Bay online fundraiser

What’s Up Newp – 11/15/21

Photos of extreme high tides show impacts of sea-level rise in RI

Providence Journal – 11/8/21

Researchers looking for your photos of exceptionally high “king” tides this weekend

ABC6 – 11/5/21

Researchers ask Rhode Islanders to document this week’s king tide

Providence Journal – 11/4/21

Agreement reached to restore public shoreline access on Lee’s Wharf

What’s Up Newp – 11/4/21

Deal will restore public access to blocked waterfront site in downtown Newport

Providence Journal – 11/3/21

Deal reached to clear obstructed right-of-way in downtown Newport, R.I.

Boston Globe – 11/3/21

Agreement Reached to Restore Public Shoreline Access in Newport Harbor

Newport Buzz – 11/3/21

Save The Bay Signs Gateway Center Agreement

Newport This Week – 10/14/21

CRMC Study Commission Visits Newport

Newport This Week – 10/14/21

Mystic Aquarium partners with Save the Bay in effort to expedite sea mammal rescues

Newport Daily News – 10/13/21

New Freshwater Wetlands Rules Create Uniform Buffers

ecoRI News – 10/11/21

Save the Bay kicking off fall & winter nature cruises, seal tours Saturday

ABC6 – 10/8/21

Pawtuxet River Trail cleanup is today

Warwick Beacon – 10/7/21

Save The Bay’s Exploration Center and Aquarium officially moving to Gateway Center

What’s Up Newp – 9/29/21

International Coastal Cleanups at Salter Grove

Friends of Salter Grove – 9/23/21

Fane Tower + PVDFest + Save The Bay Celebrates 50 Years

Patch – 9/17/21

Visions of New Green Space Dance On Defiled Public Street

ecoRI News – 9/9/21

City Council Approves Save the Bay Aquarium Rental Agreement

Newport This Week – 9/9/21

Educational Partners Have Made a Difference

Newport This Week – 9/9/21

Newport City Council unanimously approves lease of the Gateway Center to Save the Bay

Providence Journal – 9/4/21

City Council unanimously approves lease of the Gateway Center to Save the Bay

Newport Daily News – 9/3/21

Save The Bay calls on Rhode Island volunteers to #ConnectAndCollect at Ocean Conservancy’s 36th annual International Coastal Cleanup

What’s Up Newp – 9/2/21

City Council Expected to Approve Save the Bay Lease

Newport This Week – 9/2/21

Project to revert Kickemuit Reservoir into tidal estuary begins

East Bay RI – 9/1/21

Here is the negotiated lease agreement between Save the Bay and Newport for the Gateway Center

Newport Daily News – 8/31/21

RIDOT Breaks Ground for Birch Swamp Road/Schoolhouse Road Project in Warren

Construction Equipment Guide – 8/25/21

New Gateway Tenants Being Considered

Newport This Week – 8/19/21

A new tenant is ready to occupy the Gateway Center in Newport. See who it is.

Newport Daily News – 8/17/21

Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Passed by Senate Would Provide $275 Million to Launch Whitehouse-Created Recycling Fund

Sheldon Whitehouse – 8/14/21

Neighbors battle family of McKee’s top aide over plan to build on wetlands

WPRI – 8/12/21

Members named to commission considering overhaul of RI coastal council

Providence Journal – 8/12/21

Phragmites runs rampart in local waters. Do its benefits offset the harm?

Newport Daily News – 8/3/21

Offshore Wind Industry Faces Pushback From Commercial Fishing Groups

Zenger News – 8/1/21

Public Street Right-of-Way Restored

Providence Daily Dose – 7/30/21

2021 Best of Rhode Island: Editor’s Picks

Rhode Island Monthly – 7/30/21

In Providence’s industrial core, new public access to the shore

Boston Globe – 7/27/21

Getting to the meat of shellfish matter in RI over pricing, shortages and closures

WJAR 10 – 7/24/21

R.I. Coastal Resources Management Council chair resigns

The Public’s Radio – 7/23/21

Local nature photographer shows off work in unlikely venue

The Independent RI – 7/22/21

Save The Bay’s 45th annual Swim canceled due to fog 

What’s Up Newp – 7/17/21

More than 150 swimmers will participate in Save the Bay’s 45th annual Swim on Saturday

What’s Up Newp – 7/15/21

Who picks up the trash after big storms in Rhode Island?

Boston Globe – 7/14/21

Save the Bay Swim for Narragansett Bay (and Virtual Open)

WindCheck Magazine – 7/14/21

What happens when you use fertilizer on your lawn?

The Public’s Radio – 7/12/21

As High Tides Swell, Warren Officials Urge Redevelopment

ecoRI News – 7/12/21

Advocates say Rhode Island’s new balloon ban law does not go far enough

Boston Globe – 7/12/21

Rhode Island making progress on next ‘Green Report Card’ but work remains

Boston Globe – 7/12/21

Save the Bay Swim returns on July 17, a portion of Narragansett Bay will be closed to vessel traffic during the event

What’s Up Newp – 7/9/21

Video Now: Save the Bay’s Exploration Center and Aquarium reopens

WPRI – 7/5/21

East Providence Erosion Project Brings Shoreline to Life

ecoRI News – 7/5/21

Former Olympian Beisel finds new way to make a impact

The Independent RI – 7/2/21

Save the Bay’s Exploration Center & Aquarium reopening

ABC6 – 7/2/21

General Assembly approves ban on intentional release of balloons

What’s Up Newp – 7/1/21

Rhode Island native and Olympian hosts swimming clinic for kids

WJAR 10 – 6/30/21

Save The Bay’s Exploration Center and Aquarium at Easton’s Beach will reopen on July 5

What’s Up Newp – 6/29/21

Common Good Preached to Help Protect Vulnerable Waterfront Neighborhood in Portsmouth

ecoRI News – 6/28/21

Former DEM chief Janet Colt named to lead U.S. fisheries office

Providence Journal – 6/21/21

Celebrating National Iced Tea Month with Granny Squibb’s

WPRI – 6/16/21

Stormwater Runoff Takes Bite Out of R.I.’s Vulnerable Coastline

ecoRI News – 6/14/21

Save The Bay kicks off the swim season with a youth swim clinic led by Elizabeth Beisel

What’s Up Newp – 6/9/21

Sen. Reed: COAST Act Would Protect RI Beaches and Narragansett Bay From Catastrophic Oil Spills

Insurance News Net – 6/4/21

RI coastal regulators back South Fork Wind Farm, over objections from fishermen

Providence Journal – 6/2/21

Save The Bay brings back Taste of The Bay as a fundraiser for partners in the local food and beverage industries

What’s Up Newp – 6/1/21

Granny Squibb’s Launches a New Cocktail in Time for Summer

Rhode Island Monthly – 5/27/21

Granny Squibb partners with Rhode Island Spirits to benefit Save The Bay

What’s Up Newp – 5/26/21

Informal Collaboration (Un)paves the Way to Cleaner Almy Pond

ecoRI News – 5/20/21

Quahogging new waters: Section of Providence River to open for shellfishing

ABC6 – 5/19/21

Rising Seas, Coastal Development Endanger Indigenous Culture

ecoRI News – 5/17/21

Matunuck Village One Big Storm Away from Substantial Destruction

ecoRI News – 5/10/21

Rhode Island House Passes Ban on Intentional Balloon Releases

Newport Buzz – 5/4/21

Mother Nature, Humans Do Battle Along R.I.’s Battered Coast

ecoRI News – 5/3/21

Nuisance Flooding More Than a Hassle for Touristy Watch Hill

ecoRI News – 5/3/21

Saving the light

Warwick Beacon – 4/22/21

Save the Bay Launches “Old School” Art Contest for K-12

GoLocal Prov – 4/22/21

Lottery, virtual options in place for annual Save the Bay Swim fundraiser

Newport Daily News – 4/15/21

Save The Bay will open registration for its 45th annual Swim fundraiser on April 15

What’s Up Newp – 4/13/21

Citizen scientists count 357 seals in Narragansett Bay during Save The Bay’s annual Bay-Wide Seal Count

What’s Up Newp – 3/31/21

Aquatic Invaders Are Taking Over R.I.’s Fresh Waters

ecoRI News – 3/31/21

Volunteers turn out to plant beach grass in effort to protect Fogland Beach in Tiverton

Newport Daily News – 3/29/21

3 Volunteer Trash Cleanup Organizations in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Monthly – 3/18/21

Save The Bay’s Newport Seal Watch Tours return this weekend

What’s Up Newp – 3/5/21

Legal Filings Question Champlin’s Marina Agreement

ecoRI News – 2/22/21

Secret Expansion of Block Island Marina Pushes CRMC Board’s Deficiencies Into Spotlight’s Bright Glare

ecoRI News – 2/11/21

Bill Designed to Make Rhode Island Act On Climate

ecoRI News – 2/4/21

‘Yes on 2’ campaign launches in support of $74 million 2021 Beach, Clean Water, and Green Bond question

Uprise RI – 2/2/21

Bay blasting approved to make way for submarine traffic between Quonset, New London

Westerly Sun – 1/24/21

Proposed Changes to R.I. Wetland Buffers Cause Agita

ecoRI News – 1/10/21

Support Rhode Island Nonprofits in Need This Holiday Season

Rhode Island Monthly – 12/16/20

Save the Bay and Westerly work together to repair Avondale marsh

Westerly Sun – 12/8/20

New Book About Saving Narragansett Bay

Rhode Island Monthly – 8/5/20

Plans for New Wind Port at Controversial South Quay Advance

ecoRI News – 7/20/20

New Rocky Point Fishing Pier Now Open

Newport Buzz – 7/1/20

Warmer and Wetter Cause Big Problems for Little Rhody

ecoRI News – 5/15/20

Advocates Told to Slow Down on R.I. Climate Action

ecoRI News – 3/9/20

Exploring Rhode Island’s Iconic Lighthouses

Newport Daily News – 2/21/20

In Warren, planning for rising sea levels

Providence Journal – 2/16/20

Save The Bay Opens Registration for Summer BayCamps

GoLocal Prov – 2/5/20

DEM wants your Christmas tree to sleep with the fishes

Providence Journal – 1/7/20

Save The Bay Announces New Touch Tank Featuring Sharks

GoLocal Prov – 12/25/19

Providence River Dredging Concerns Save The Bay

ecoRI News – 11/19/19

In Matunuck, doubling down on a wall

Providence Journal – 11/15/19

Warwick, DEM, Save the Bay Team to Restore Longmeadow Fishing Access

Warwick Post – 11/15/19

CRMC Approves Controversial Matunuck Seawall

ecoRI News – 11/13/19

Save The Bay to hold cleanup leader training session

NK Standard-Times – 8/14/19

Water-quality monitors say swimming in Pawcatuck River, Little Narragansett Bay not advisable

Westerly Sun – 8/13/19

Rhode Island on Pace to Have Most Beach Closures in Past Ten Years

GoLocal Prov – 8/8/19

After string of beach closures, Governor’s Bay Day highlights how to preserve the bay

WJAR 10 – 7/29/19

Save the Bay: Volunteers collect 320 pounds of trash at Oakland Beach in Warwick

WJAR 10 – 7/12/19

Chariho Tech students help complete restoration at Quonnie salt marsh

Westerly Sun – 6/3/19

New pier highlights the effort to clean the bay

WJAR 10 – 5/20/19

Save The Bay debuts accessible public pier at Fields Point

WPRI – 5/20/19

Save The Bay releases 2018 Narragansett Bay Seal Monitoring Report, confirms stable seal population

East Providence Reporter Today – 2/7/19

Sensational Seal haul onto the scene at Save The Bay’s Exploration Center and Aquarium this February

My Backyard: News from Wrentham to Rumford – 2/6/19

Rhode Island Natural History Survey Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Citizen Science

ecoRI News – 2/6/19

Budget plan calls for adding state park staff

Providence Journal – 1/17/19

Save The Bay and partners to develop water quality improvement plan for Hundred Acre Cove

East Providence Reporter Today – 1/17/19

Harbor Seals in Narragansett Bay

Rhode Island Monthly – 1/11/19

Save The Bay Working to Clean up Hundred Acre Cove

ABC6 – 1/11/19

Crazy, Cool Fish in Spotlight at Save The Bay’s Exploration Center

Cranston Herald – 1/10/19

Historic Sabin Point Park Beach in East Providence to Reopen After Nearly a Century

GoLocal Prov – 12/20/18

$2 million dredging project begins at Quonochontaug Pond

Westerly Sun – 12/16/18

R.I.’s Plastics Task Force Focused on Statewide Bag Ban

ecoRI News – 12/16/18

The Granny Squibb’s Company Releases New Organic Iced Tea

BevNet – 12/14/18

VW Settlement money speeds environmental projects in R.I.

Providence Journal – 12/7/18

R.I. events, Nov. 29 weekend

Providence Journal – 11/27/18

R.I. bazaars, festivals, Nov. 29 weekend

Providence Journal – 11/27/18

Picks of the Week Nov. 22 to Dec. 2

Westerly Sun – 11/22/18

Artists for The Bay Show & Sale showcase local art, jewelry Nov. 29

Warwick Beacon – 11/20/18

The Uprising! November 16, 2018

Uprise RI – 11/16/18

Catch a glimpse of harbor seals with Save The Bay tour service

Providence Business News – 11/16/18

R.I. events, Nov. 15 weekend

Providence Journal – 11/13/18

20+ things to do in Newport County this Weekend

Newport Daily News – 11/10/18

Newport, Rhode Island for Families

Wherever Family – Blog – 11/9/18

National Grid empowers employees community service

Providence Business News – 11/9/18

National Coastal Resilience Fund receives $29 million in grants

WPRI – 11/9/18

R.I. receives $280K from federal coastal resilience fund

Providence Journal – 11/9/18

Take to the Water for the Best Newport Boat Tours

New England Today – 11/8/18

Bay habitats featured at Save The Bay center & aquarium

Warwick Beacon – 11/8/18

Discovery Deck Opens at Seamen’s

Newport This Week – 11/8/18

Save The Bay’s Newport Seal Tour Season launches on Saturday, Nov. 10

What’s Up Newp – 11/7/18

$47M sought for environmental projects

WJAR 10 – 11/2/18

Ballot questions target education, environment

Warwick Beacon – 11/1/18

Opinion: Vote yes on Question 3

Providence Business News – 10/31/18

Ferguson receives environmental merit award

Providence Business News – 10/26/18

For nonprofits, less is more on political advocacy

Providence Business News – 10/26/18

Rules near for renewables on farms and open space

ecoRI News – 10/25/18

LNG Waterfront Project Receives Federal Approval

ecoRI News – 10/22/18

Question 3 supports bikes, farms and climate action

ecoRI News – 10/17/18

Investing in a Greener Cleaner Future for RI

Convergence RI – 10/15/18

Yes on 3: Save The Bay holds rally in support for the Green Economy and Clean Water Bond

Uprise RI – 10/13/18

State leaders really in support of $47 million in environmental bonds

WPRI – 10/12/18

$47.3 million Green Economy and Clean Water Bond a Necessity, say officials, environmental advocates

Providence Journal – 10/12/18

Save the Bay: Newport’s very own aquarium

Mosaic, Salve Regina University’s Student Newspaper – 10/11/18

State bond questions to be outlined

Jamestown Press – 10/11/18

DEM says little harm caused by thousands of gallons of spilled gasoline

ecoRI News – 10/8/18

DEM hopes environmental impact from Providence gasoline spill will be limited

Providence Journal – 10/4/18

Allens Avenue to reopen after tanker truck spills nearly 11,000 gallons of gasoline

ABC6 – 10/4/18

State bond details to be outlined Oct. 9

Jamestown Press – 10/4/18

Nixon named to state task force to reduce pollution in ocean

Jamestown Press – 10/4/18

DEM, Save the Bay monitoring environmental impacts of fuel spill

WPRI – 10/4/18

Fall River workshop highlights Taunton River’s effects on Narragansett Bay

Taunton Gazette – 10/3/18

Fall River’s assistant harbormaster saves swan from possible death

New Daily News – 10/3/18

With a kiss, Fall River’s assistant harbormaster saves swan from possible death

The Herald News – 10/3/18

Members of task force to tackle plastics pollution appointed

Cranston Herald – 10/3/18

Members of task force to tackle plastics pollution appointed

Cranston Herald – 10/3/18

Carson, Euer to Preview Ballot Questions During Constituent Meeting

GoLocal Prov – 10/2/18

Swansea Conservation Agent Colleen Brown recipient of regional award

South Coast Today – 10/2/18

Carson, Euer to Preview Ballot Questions During Constituent Meeting

GoLocal Prov – 10/2/18

Swansea Conservation Agent Colleen Brown recipient of regional award

South Coast Today – 10/2/18

Fall River workshop highlights Taunton River’s effects on Narragansett Bay

Providence Journal – 10/1/18

Governor Raimondo announces co-chairs and members of Task Force to tackle plastics pollution

What’s Up Newp – 10/1/18

Brayton Point Power Station Demolition Underway

ecoRI News – 10/1/18

Taunton River Workshop Highlights Taunton River’s Effects on Narragansett Bay

Providence Journal – 10/1/18

Workshop to focus on Health of Taunton River

New England Boating – 9/30/18

Save the Bay continues shoreline cleanups

East Greenwich Pendulum – 9/29/18

Brilliant blue lobster finds middle school refuge

East Bay RI – 9/27/18

Outdoor adventure store Denali camps out on Thayer

Brown Daily Herald – 9/26/18

New England regulators scale back Atlantic herring catch

Providence Journal – 9/25/18

Crane Barge Remains Stuck in Providence River

Providence Journal – 9/24/18

Nature Cruises presented by Save the Bay return for Fall

ABC6 – 9/24/18

Mike Jarbeau, Save The Bay

ecoRI News – 9/24/18

Atlantic Herring Quotas May Be Cut Again

South Coast Today – 9/23/18

The Nature Conservancy, WPWA recognized with EPA awards

Westerly Sun – 9/23/18

Atlantic Herring Quotas May Be Cut Again

Providence Journal – 9/22/18

EPA awards for replacing lead pipes is an emotional win for town

The Valley Breeze – 9/18/18

Industry Buzz

SNEWS We Know Outdoors – 9/17/18

Cyclists cross four bridges to benefit Save The Bay

East Bay RI – 9/17/18

Another Successful Cleanup!

Friends of Salter Grove – 9/17/18

Council considers oyster restoration area

East Greenwich Pendulum – 9/15/18

Homeschool is Cool on Narragansett Bay

WindCheck – 9/15/18

International Coastal Cleanup-Conimicut Shoreline Cleanup

Warwick Beacon – 9/15/18

More than 2,500 people take part in Save The Bay’s Coastal Cleanup

WPRI – 9/15/18

4 Bridges Ride to impact local traffic this weekend

Portsmouth Press – 9/14/18

Georgiaville Pond cleanup

The Valley Breeze – 9/14/18

International Coastal Cleanup – 9/14/18

Beach Cleanup is Sunday, Sept. 16

Block Island Times – 9/14/18

International Coastal Cleanup- Warwick City Park

Warwick Beacon – 9/14/18

Rhode Island Organizations and Residents Recognized by EPA for Environmental Achievements – 9/13/18

Cache In, Trash Out at Slater Park

The Valley Breeze – 9/13/18

We all share blame for littering, and we can all help too

Cranston Herald – 9/13/18

We all share blame for littering, and we can all help too

Warwick Beacon – 9/13/18

State coastal cleanups get started at Salter Grove

Warwick Beacon – 9/13/18

Providence Area Alumni Event: Shoreline Cleanup in Somerset, MA

UMASS Amherst Calendar – 9/13/18

International Coastal Cleanup- East Bay Bike Path

Patch – 9/13/18

Grasshoppers an unexpectedly important ecosystem – 9/12/18

Newport Seal Watch Tours with Save The Bay

Warwick Beacon – 9/12/18

10 Fun Things to Do in Newport, Rhode Island with Kids

Ciao Bambino! – 9/12/18

Volvo Ocean Race Newport Stopover Team among those recognized by EPA for Environmental Achievements

What’s Up Newp – 9/12/18

EPA N.E. honors locals with 2018 Merit Awards

Providence Business News – 9/12/18

Annual Four Bridges Bike Ride will roll across Rhode Island this weekend

What’s Up Newp – 9/12/18

URI student research: Grasshoppers an unexpectedly important player in salt marsh ecosystem

URI Today – 9/11/18

Two Coastal Cleanups in Portsmouth on Saturday

East Bay RI – 9/11/18

Understanding baitfish and the predators on their tails

Southern Rhode Island Newspapers – 9/8/18

Local cleanups planned to coincide with statewide Save The Bay efforts

Newport Daily News – 9/7/18

Rhode Island’s 2018 International Coastal Cleanups will take place at sites in Providence and across the state on September 15th

What’s Up, Rhode Island – 9/6/18

Guest Opinion: Farmers market and land trust are a true partnership in Charlestown

Westerly Sun – 9/4/18

DEM reports increase in enforcement actions

WJAR 10 – 9/1/18


Rhody Green Blog – 8/31/18

The little gelatinous blobs on the beach? Salps.

Block Island Times – 8/31/18

Party on a Half Shell

Providence Media – 8/31/18

DEM’s Wetland Designations Expected by End of Year

ecoRI News- 8/31/18

R.I. volunteer opportunities

Providence Journal – 8/30/18

Sewage overflow closes shellfish areas

Jamestown Press – 8/30/18

R.I. DEM reports more enforcement actions

Providence Journal – 8/30/18

Northern Lighthouse Tour in Providence, September 15

RoadTrekin – 8/29/18

State Representative District 4 Primary Preview

The Bay – 8/28/18

Volunteers are needed for Save The Bay’s annual beach cleanup

Westerly Sun – 8/28/18

Save the Bay coastal cleanups gearing up again

Warwick Beacon – 8/23/18

How To Do Labor Day Weekend In Newport

Discover Newport – 8/22/18

Save the Bay to offer beach cleanup leader training for 2018 International Coastal Cleanup

Newport This Week – 8/22/18

My Turn: Kevin Cleary: Preserving our Pristine Environment

Providence Journal – 8/17/18

Time To Wake Up: Wildfires are getting Wilder (Statement) – 8/16/18

Letter: Council makes much ado about plastic

Westerly Sun – 8/15/18

Burrillville: Building Invenergey’s power plant in direct conflict with Raimondo administration’s environmental and energy goals

Uprise RI – 8/15/18

20+ Things to Do in Newport County August 13-16

Newport Daily News – 8/12/18

Beisel swims at 42nd Save The Bay Event

Narragansett Times – 8/11/18

A Win for the Taunton River

My Backyard: Local news from Wrentham to Rumford – 8/11/18

Newport County organizations seeking volunteers

Newport Daily News – 8/10/18

The Use and Misuse of Charity: the Luck of the Draw in a Predatory System – 8/10/18

Letter: William J. Eccleston: Proposed natural gas plant would harm ecology

Providence Journal – 8/9/18

Olympian leads swimmers across East Passage

Jamestown Press – 8/9/18


Newport Buzz – 8/8/18

Power over Solar: RI seeks to strike development balance

Providence Journal – 8/8/18

RITBA will celebrate 50th Anniversary of Newport Pell Bridge in 2019Power over Solar: RI seeks to strike development balance

What’s Up Newp – 8/7/18

Residents, business owners behind the idea of banning single-use plastics in Westerly

Westerly Sun – 8/7/18

Hungry science: surf students research coastal food web dynamics

University of Rhode Island – 8/6/18

Warm and Welcoming – with a Summer Breeze….(and an Upcoming Contest – Scroll Down!)

Charlestown Land Trust Farmers Market Blog – 8/6/18


Convergence RI – 8/6/18

Gillooly’s perseverance pays off

Woonsocket Call – 8/5/18

Mayor says city will challenge appeals court EPA decision

Taunton Gazette – 8/5/18

Gallery: Views of Narragansett Bay

Providence Journal – 8/4/18

Olympian Beisel, hundreds of others swimmers celebrate wicked clean Narragansett Bay

Providence Journal – 8/4/18

Swimmers save the bay in open water swim in Newport, Jamestown

Newport Daily News – 8/4/18

Closures Announced for Save The Bay Swim

WADK – 8/3/18

Westerly Town Council to take up issue of single-use plastic items

Westerly Sun – 8/3/18

Tropical Gulf Stream travelers take center stage at Save The Bay’s Aquarium this month

My Backyard: Local news from Wrentham to Rumford – 8/2/18

Save The Bay’s 42nd annual Swim fundraiser takes place on Saturday

What’s Up Newp – 8/2/18

Local swimmers set to participate in annual Save The Bay crossing

Jamestown Press – 8/2/18


New England Boating – 8/1/18

More than 700 expected to participate in Save The Bay Swim

Newport Daily News – 7/31/18

Narragansett Boating Advisory Issued Ahead of Save The Bay Swim

GoLocal Prov – 7/31/18

Ultimate Lighthouse Tour with Save The Bay – 7/30/18

Marine Science in Narragansett Bay

Hanna Instruments Blog – 7/30/18

Opinion Piece: My Turn: We have duty to protect God’s creation

Providence Journal – 7/29/18

Wild and scenic: 12 towns and nearly a decade of work could lead to federal designation for 7 rivers

The Day – 7/28/18

Philanthropy Calendar, July 27, 2018

Providence Business News – 7/27/18

News Briefs

Newport This Week – 7/26/18

All Hands on Deck

Newport This Week – 7/26/18

Island History

Jamestown Press – 7/26/18

Beach litter can be killer problem for marine life 

The Narwhal’s Left Tooth – 7/23/18

Town council discussed plastic bag ban

NK Standard-Times – 7/22/18

Young people get involved in planting demonstration rain garden at Ninigret

Westerly Sun – 7/21/18

Beach litter can be killer problem for marine life

The Independent RI – 7/21/18

Dam removal project at Shady Lea Mill underway

The Independent RI – 7/20/18

Restoring Ninigret Coastal Salt Pond helps Protect coastline

Newport Patch – 7/20/18

Nine Great Activities to Bring Childhood Back

Newport This Week – 7/19/18

Volunteers needed for annual Save The Bay swimming race

Jamestown Press – 7/19/18

North Kingstown moves toward plastic bag ordinance

The Independent RI – 7/19/18

Scholarships benefit local students

Narragansett Times – 7/16/18

A Walk in the Woods: A Vital Forest Ecosystem in Jeopardy

ecoRI News – 7/14/18

Woonsocket nonprofit gives boost to families in one of the RI’s neediest communities

Providence Journal – 7/13/18

Save The Bay Swim added to Waterkeeper Alliance’s SPLASH series

Providence Business News – 7/13/18

Art, Environment Speakers Bring Urgency, Advocacy

Newport This Week – 7/12/18

Advocates’ plea: Protect forest connection, say no to power plant

The Valley Breeze – 7/11/18

PBS Community Conversation: Is Narragansett Bay Too Clean?

Rhode Island Sea Grant – 7/11/18

Two RI Teachers Receive Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics & Science Teaching

GoLocal Prov – 7/10/18

Are Rhode Island Beaches Safe to Swim? – Not Always

GoLocal Prov – 7/10/18

If Invenergy builds a power plant in northwest Rhode Island, this is what we lose…

Uprise RI – 7/10/18

Opponents of Burrillville power plant point out potential threats

WPRO – 7/10/18

Activist groups, officials host hike to illustrate opposition to Burrillville Power Plant

Providence Journal – 7/10/18

Forum: Art + Environmental Advocacy At The Newport Art Museum

The Public’s Radio – 7/9/18

Opposition group to visit proposed Burrillville power plant site ahead of final hearings

Providence Business News – 7/6/18

Save the Bay offers lighthouse tours

The Valley Breeze – 7/5/18

Three projects honored with Environmental Awards by the Western Dredging Association

EcoMagazine – 7/3/18

RIDEM, Save The Bay Start Final Phase Of North Kingstown Dam Removal Project

The Public’s Radio – 7/2/18

Dam Removal Restores Fish Passage to Mattatuxet River

ecoRI News – 7/2/18

Northern Bay Lighthouse Tour with Save The Bay

Warwick Beacon – 7/2/18

Have you taken the pledge? Save The Bay needs your help to combat litter

WPRI – 7/2/18

How is South County preparing for rising tides?

The Narwhal’s Left Tooth – 6/30/18

10 Great Things to do in RI This Weekend

GoLocal Prov – 6/29/18

In focus: the future of RIs salt marshes

Press Release Post – 6/28/18

On This Day In Newport History – June 28, 1969: Newport Bridge Opens For First Time

What’s Up Newp – 6/28/18

An annual check in and check up on the health of Narragansett Bay

Convergence RI – 6/25/18

Governor gets more CRMC-Appointment power

ecoRI News – 6/24/18

Yes, It Matters What Motivates Business Philanthropy

Nonprofit Quarterly – 6/22/18

2018-06-21 / Calendar

Newport This Week – 6/21/18

2018 WEDA Environmental Excellence Awards Receives More Nominations Than Ever

International Dredging Report – 6/20/18

Ultimate Lighthouse Tour with Save The Bay

The Bay – 6/19/18

Providence ShipBoard Camp with Save The Bay

Warwick Beacon – 6/19/18

Bill stipulating appointees to R.I. coastal management council advances

Providence Journal – 6/19/18

Charlestown Town Council backs ‘Wild and Scenic’ designation push for Wood-Pawcatuck watershed

Westerly Sun – 6/18/18

Newport County Summer Beach Guide

Newport Life Magazine – 6/18/18

Friends Celebrate Pomham Rocks Lighthouse Restoration

East Providence Patch – 6/18/18

Friends Celebrate Pomham Rocks Lighthouse Restoration

East Providence Reporter Today – 6/18/18

Sailing and Science Camp with Providence Community Boating Center and Save the Bay

Warwick Beacon – 6/14/18

Save The Bay Annual Meeting & Taste of the Bay – 6/14/18

Providence Junior BayCamp with Save The Bay

Warwick Beacon – 6/13/18

Three-Time Olympic medalist Elizabeth Beisel will lead two youth and teen swim clinics for Save The Bay

What’s Up Newp – 6/13/18

Museums, mansions, parks offering free admission to local this weekend

Newport Daily News – 6/12/18

Roger Williams-Rumford Grange No. 52 2018 Community Citizen Award David J. Kelleher

East Providence Reporter Today – 6/12/18

Save the Bay Announces 2018 Environmental Award Winners

GoLocal Prov – 6/10/18

Save The Bay announces 2018 Environmental Award Winners

Find Climate Answers – 6/10/18

Birds of the Bay Soar at the Save The Bay Exploration Center and Aquarium this June

My Backyard: Local News from Wrentham to Rumford – 6/8/18

16 local attraction will offer free admission for Newport County residents and hospitality employees, June 16-18

What’s Up Newp – 6/7/18


Newport Buzz – 6/7/18

No LNG in PVD! floods the State House

Uprise RI – 6/7/18

No LNG in PVD floods the State House amid CRMC reappointments

RI Future – 6/7/18

Our Top Beach Picks for This Summer

East Providence Reporter Today – 6/6/18

Bill aims to clarify makeup of environmental board

Providence Journal – 6/6/18

Local couple hoping their iced tea brand will become a Rhode Island mainstay

Westerly Sun – 6/2/18

Providence is Hoping Scituate Reservoir can Save its Economy

Providence Journal – 6/1/18

Local restaurant to begin using paper straws

WPRI – 5/31/18

No LNG in PVD! demands representation for environmental justice communities on the CRMC

Uprise RI – 5/30/18

Rainbow Girls help Save the Bay

Westerly Sun – 5/28/18

Chariho Tech students help to restore marsh grasses

Westerly Sun – 5/28/18

Biomass Bill that Supports Special Interest Over Science Exposes Statehouse’s Long Disregard for Environment

ecoRI News – 5/27/18

Ferry trip complements visit to race village

Jamestown Press – 5/24/18

Island History / 25 years ago

Jamestown Press – 5/24/18

Activists plans to swim entire length of Narragansett Bay

The Public’s Radio – 5/23/18

Students get dirty restoring salt marsh

ecoRI News – 5/23/18

Clean Water Advocate to Swim Entire Length of Narragansett Bay

ABC6 – 5/22/18

Celebrating Newport’s VOR stopover and sobering news from Point Nemo

Sail World – 5/21/18

Rhode Island continues to lead fight against marine pollution at Volvo Ocean Race

What’s Up Newp – 5/18/18

Vestas 11th Hour Racing Engages with Save The Bay

Sail World – 5/18/18

Vestas 11th Hour Racing Engages with Save The Bay

Yachts and Yachting – 5/18/18

Vestas 11th Hour Racing Engages with Save The Bay

Newport Now – 5/17/18

Vestas 11th Hour Racing Gives Back

Newport Now – 5/17/18

Newport This Week Calendar

Newport This Week – 5/17/18

Newport Art Museum to Welcome Joan Hall’s Sea of Heartbreak

Newport Now – 5/16/18

Vestas 11th Hour Racing joins Save The Bay for marsh project

Newport Daily News – 5/15/18

Digging a healthier marsh in Tiverton

East Bay RI – 5/14/18

Hands-on exhibit opens eyes to ocean environment

Newport Daily News – 5/13/18

Wood River watershed study complete

NK Standard-Times – 5/12/18

Good Turnout for Salter Grove Cleanup on April 29

Friends of Salter Grove – 5/11/18

Vestas captures bronze in leg to Newport

Jamestown Press – 5/10/18

R.I. debates limiting solar farms on forested lands

Providence Journal – 5/10/18

One Ocean Exploration Zone will open on Saturday at Volvo Ocean Race Newport Stopover Race Village

What’s Up Newp – 5/10/18

Exhibits to See on Display

Newport This Week – 5/10/18

RI debates limiting solar farms on forested lands

Providence Journal – 5/10/18

Save The Bay files Superior Court complaint seeking guidance on appointments to CRMC

The Independent RI – 5/10/18

My Turn: John Torgan – Designation will help protect R.I. Rivers

Providence Journal – 5/9/18

After years-long study, region’s rivers are closer to ‘Wild and Scenic’ designation

Westerly Sun – 5/8/18

Podium Finish for Hometown Team Vestas 11th Hour Racing in Volvo Ocean Race

Ready About Yachting – Blog – 5/8/18

Two-state support for Wild and Scenic Designation for Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed’s Seven Rivers

ecoRI News – 5/7/18

Save The Bay brings starfish, crabs and other sea life to class

Narragansett Times – 5/6/18

Summer Travel/Best Beaches

Globe Magazine – 5/6/18

Beisel thrilled to join NK Hall of Fame

The Independent RI – 5/3/18

URI students receive Black Scholar Awards for outstanding achievement

URI Today – 5/3/18

Beisel Named Save The Bay’s Swim Ambassador

GoLocal Prov – 5/2/18

3 R.I. beaches named to Boston Globe best in New England list

Providence Business News – 5/2/18

The 20 best beaches to visit in New England

Boston Globe – 5/2/18

Registration opens for 2 Portsmouth athletic events

Portsmouth Press – 5/2/18

Elizabeth Beisel Heads Back Home To Help

The Daily News of Open Water Swimming – 5/1/18

Lighthouse to Open With a Celebration on The Rocks

East Providence Reporter Today – 5/1/18

Environmental Anthropology: An Anthropologist’s View of a Cove Cleanup

Alma Gottlieb – Blog – 4/30/18

Her boss is polarizing, but she is reassuring, local environmental advocates say

Providence Journal – 4/28/18

The Uprising, April 27, 2018

Uprise RI – 4/27/18

“Save the Bay” launches New App to Submit Pictures, Report Problems

ABC6 – 4/26/18

NBC10 I-Team: No Action on Crane and Barge Six months after sinking

WJAR 10 – 4/26/18

Save The Bay looking for shoreline cleanup leaders

Westerly Sun – 4/26/18

Save The Bay files complaint for Declaratory Judgment on Coastal Resources Management Council Appointees

RI Small Business Journal – 4/25/18

Save The Bay’s Stone on Need for Clarification on Governor’s Appointments

GoLocal Prov – 4/24/18

Watershed Moment: Five Bay-Friendly Living Practices for Homeowners

Newport Life Magazine – 4/24/18

Earth Day Call to End Plastic Pollution: Whitehouse

Middletown Patch – 4/23/18

Senator Whitehouse marks Earth Day with a call to end plastic pollution

Newport Buzz – 4/23/18

Whitehouse, clean water advocates sound alarm on ocean pollution

WJAR 10 – 4/23/18

Earth Day Cleanups In Rhode Island

NewsRadio 920 AM & 104.7 FM – 4/23/18

Portsmouth to hold Earth Day cleanups

Portsmouth Press – 4/23/18

Save the Bay marks Earth Day with cleanups

WPRI – 4/22/18

Save The Bay files complaint in Superior Court over Governor Raimondo’s CRMC appointments

Uprise RI – 4/22/18

Jo-Ann Ryan: Time for city to ban plastic bags

Providence Journal – 4/21/18

Save the Bay asks court to rule on appointments to CRMC

Westerly Sun – 4/21/18

Wright (lower back stiffness) exits early in rehab start; PawSox rally to win in 11

Providence Journal – 4/20/18

Fishy phenom: First Taunton Mill River herring run in two centuries caught on camera

Taunton Gazette – 4/20/18

Fishy phenom: First Taunton Mill River herring run in two centuries caught on camera

Wicked Local Berkley & Raynham – 4/20/18

Save the Bay hosts shore cleanups across the state

Narragansett Times – 4/20/18

Save the Bay’s Misquamicut Beach cleanup is set for April 28

Westerly Sun – 4/20/18

Save The Bay Files Complaint Against Raimondo on CRMC Appointees

GoLocal Prov – 4/20/18

Become a RI Beach Cleanup Leader

New England Boating – 4/20/18

Letter: We need to work to keep Barrington Beach clean

East Bay RI – 4/19/18

Save the Bay calls for “Citizen Water Reporters”

GoLocal Prov – 4/19/18

Seal population healthy in Bay

Jamestown Press – 4/19/18

Your Weekend Rundown in RI Celebrate Earth Day, pie fight for a good cause, and much more

Providence Online – 4/19/18

Save The Bay to hold Volunteer Beach Cleanups throughout RI

GoLocal Prov – 4/18/18

Agawam Hunt, Nature conservancy announce access agreement

East Bay RI – 4/16/18

Save The Bay to hold volunteer Earth Day cleanups on April 21, 22 and throughout April

RI Small Business Journal – 4/16/18

Land trust eyes 30+ acres off Market Street

East Bay RI – 4/12/18

Volunteer opportunities in RI for children, families

Providence Journal – 4/5/18

Harp Seals Sign of Activism Success

Newport This Week – 4/5/18

One Ocean Exploration Zone to dazzle all ages at Volvo Ocean Race Newport Stopover next month

What’s Up Newp – 4/4/18

Narragansett Bay Seal County Tallies 423 animals

New England Boating – 4/4/18

RI environmental advocates hope Block Island balloon ban goes statewide

WJAR 10 – 4/4/18

Statewide Ban on Plastic Bags and Polystyrene is a Slog

ecoRI News – 4/3/18

Whitehouse and Portsmouth business owners highlight $30 million in new funding for coastal improvements nationwide

What’s Up Newp – 4/3/18

Carbon Tax Bill Moves Slowly Despite Need for Urgency

ecoRI News – 4/2/18

My Turn: Kendra L. Beaver: Is R.I. cracking down on pollution?

Providence Journal – 4/1/18

The Old World Grandeur of Newport

Élan Magazine – 3/22/18

DEM advises upper bay communities of plastic debris washing ashore

East Bay RI – 3/15/18

You’ll never guess who’s living in Narragansett Bay

RI Parent Magazine – 3/14/18

South County’s aging dams have a chance at an afterlife

South County Life Magazine – 3/13/18

RI DEM tracks plastic debris washing ashore in Warwick

WJAR 10 – 3/9/18

RI’s South County beaches avoid major damage after last weekend’s storm

The Public’s Radio – 3/7/18

Sea-king a volunteer opportunity? Join the volunteer staff at Save The Bay’s Exploration Center and Aquarium

My Backyard: Local News from Wrentham to Rumford – 3/5/18

Opponents rally around offshore drilling’s risks

ecoRI News – 3/5/18

Rhode Islanders march against offshore drilling

Narragansett Times – 3/4/18

Has RI Starved its enforcement watchdog?

Providence Journal – 3/3/18

Hundreds turn out for meeting on offshore oil drilling

The Public’s Radio – 3/1/18

Activists break through at Offshore Drilling Protest

ecoRI News – 3/1/18

Protesters march from State House to Marriott in opposition to offshore drilling

Uprise RI – 3/1/18

Protesters urge federal government not to allow drilling off Rhode Island’s coast

WPRI – 2/28/18

Raimondo, Local Groups to protest offshore oil drilling proposal

WPRI – 2/28/18

Rhode Islanders to Feds: No Offshore Drilling Here

Providence Journal – 2/28/18

Seal of Approval

Newport Life Magazine – 2/23/18

Time to Make Your Vacation Escape Plan

Boston Globe – 2/14/18

Legislators vow to fight offshore oil drilling proposal

Westerly Sun – 2/13/18

Rally to Protect New England’s Coast From Offshore Oil Drilling

ecoRI News – 2/13/18

Ocean State Officials Pledge to Halt Offshore Drilling

ecoRI News – 2/13/18

Newport Winter Festival Calendar

Newport This Week – 2/8/18

The Hummel Report: When Charity License Plate Flops, Refunds take long road home

Providence Journal – 2/8/18

February is most active month for seals in Narragansett Bay, Save The Bay is celebrating with seal themed activities and tours

What’s Up Newp – 2/7/18

Fishing Report: Should we drill for oil and gas off RI coast?

Providence Journal – 2/7/18

Island History

Jamestown Press – 2/1/18

Replenishing the Waters “Gives Back” to the Wild

Newport This Week – 2/1/18

Trump’s oil plan fuels opposition

Jamestown Press – 1/25/18

RI Gov. Proposes $48.5M Environmental Bond

The Public’s Radio – 1/25/18

10 Ways to “Go Green” in 2018 with Sabato of Save The Bay

GoLocal Prov – 1/23/18

Government shutdown forces postponement of offshore drilling meeting in Providence

Providence Journal – 1/22/18

Are we not eco? A deep dive into the weeds of climate change policy in RI

Convergence RI – 1/22/018

Opposition mounts in R.I. to proposed offshore drilling go-ahead

Providence Journal – 1/21/18

10 Great Things to do in Newport This Weekend – January 19, 2018

GoLocal Prov – 1/19/18

Touisset man hopes state will ban blue marine styrofoam

East Bay RI – 1/19/18

Legislators file bill against Trump offshore drilling plan

Portsmouth Press – 1/19/18

Senator Euer and Representative Carson introduce bill to prevent oil drilling off Rhode Island coast

Uprise RI – 1/16/18

Newport legislators to file bill to defend against Trump administration’s plan to open coasts to drilling

What’s Up Newp – 1/16/18

Using Dredged Material to Improve a Salt Marsh

The Military Engineer – 1/15/18

Rhode Island Climate Policy Butts Heads with Special Interests

ecoRI News – 1/15/18

8 Ways to Have a Super Weekend

Providence Online – 1/11/18

R.I. Wants to Speak with Zinke about Offshore Drilling Proposal

ecoRI News – 1/11/18

My Turn: Richard Burroughs: how much can R.I. ratepayers afford?

Providence Journal – 1/10/18

7 Reasons to Not Be Snowed in this Weekend

Providence Online – 1/5/18

Corvias sponsors 2018 Family Membership Days at Save The Bay Exploration Center & Aquarium7 Reasons to Not Be Snowed in this Weekend

My Backyard: Local News from Wrentham to Rumford – 1/4/18

Corvias sponsors 2018 Family Membership Days at Save The Bay Exploration Center & Aquarium

What’s Up Newp – 1/2/18

*Please note:  Be sure to access the Johnson & Wales University Harborside Campus through the main entrance on Harborside Blvd. Your GPS may suggest taking Ernest Street to JWU’s Shipyard Street entrance, but that route requires a key card for entry.  

From Route I-95 North or South, take Exit 18 (Thurbers Avenue). Head downhill on Thurbers Avenue to US Route 1A (Allens Avenue). Turn right onto Allens Ave. Continue southbound on Allens Ave. into Cranston, where Allens Ave. becomes Narragansett Blvd. Turn left onto Harborside Blvd. at the traffic light by the Shell gas station. Follow Harborside Blvd. through the Johnson & Wales Harborside Campus. At the end of Harborside Blvd., turn right onto Save The Bay Drive. Save The Bay Drive becomes a circular, one-way roadway as you approach the Bay Center. Parking is available in four guest lots after you pass the main building. Enter the building through the main entrance.