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Save The Bay In The News Archives

Celebrate Earth Day at a Community Cleanup

Rhode Island Monthly – 4/20/22

Save The Bay Swim returns on August 6, registration opens

What’s Up Newp – 4/11/22

Commission looking to change how Rhode Island coastal agency makes decisions

Providence Journal – 4/5/22

35 Fun Things to Do in Rhode Island This April

Rhode Island Monthly – 4/4/22

Ideas for ‘401 Gives’

Providence Daily Dose – 4/1/22

Celebrating Our Connection to the Earth

Patch – 4/1/22

Block Island Seal Count: 67 harbor seals, 39 gray seals and so much more

Block Island Times – 3/26/22

Save the Bay’s yearly seal count paints a healthy picture of Narragansett Bay

ABC6 – 3/24/22

Citizen scientists count 464 seals in Narragansett Bay, 106 on Block Island, during Save The Bay’s annual Bay-Wide Seal Count

What’s Up Newp – 3/17/22

Senate bill would create ‘environmental justice focus areas’ in R.I.

Boston Globe – 3/11/22

How much of RI’s beaches are open to the public? Panel is closer to an answer

Providence Journal – 3/4/22

Coors Light eliminating plastic rings from packaging, local environmental groups react

ABC6 – 3/2/22

February Vacation Activities for Kids

Rhode Island Monthly – 2/20/22

Aboard a Save The Bay’s seal tours in Newport RI

Providence Journal – 2/18/22

Save the Bay seal tour in Newport Harbor

Providence Journal – 2/18/22

RI newbie tries chilling with the seals in Newport for a splash of adventure

Providence Journal – 2/18/22

R.I. shore access commission has some ideas. They might not sit well with everyone.

Boston Globe – 2/17/22

Years-long effort to remove sunken barge hits new snag in Providence

WPRI – 2/15/22

Brief Supports Overturning Ruling that OK’d Expansion of Controversial Block Island Marina

ecoRI News – 2/11/22

Opinion/Stone: Rhode Island’s CRMC needs fundamental change

Providence Journal – 2/6/22

31 Fun Things to Do in Rhode Island This February

Rhode Island Monthly – 2/4/22

12+ Ways to Spend a Winter’s Day around the East Bay

The Bay – 1/31/22

Shoreline Study Commission Mulls Change to Lateral Beach Access

ecoRI News – 1/29/22

Shoreline access commission agrees law should change, but has yet to settle on new boundary

Providence Journal – 1/28/22

Harbor Seal Watching on RI’s Narragansett Bay

Cruising Compass – 1/27/22

Would R.I. lose lawsuits if it expanded shore access? Probably not, an expert says

Boston Globe – 1/27/22

Safe Harbor Pollution Insurance Partners With Rhode Island Environmental Non-Profit: Save The Bay

PR Newswire – 1/27/22

Best things to do in R.I. this week: Jan. 21-28

Boston Globe – 1/20/22

Why Coastal Resource reforms must focus on environmental racism

Uprise RI – 1/20/22

Should Rhode Island ban nips? One legislator sees it as a way to cut down on litter

Providence Journal – 1/17/22

Save the Bay Calls for Stronger RI Enforcement – Blasts State for Slashing DEM’s Staffing

GoLocal Prov – 1/17/22

Pawtucket’s Remediated Brownfields Improve River, Community Health

ecoRI News – 1/10/22

After 45 years, wind energy might finally give this East Providence site a purpose

Providence Journal – 1/9/22

Implementation of R.I.’s New Freshwater Wetlands Regulations Delayed Six Months

ecoRI News – 1/7/22


Newport This Week – 1/6/22

How to Move a Marsh: Work Continues to Save Sapowet Marsh

ecoRI News – 12/12/21

How much of RI’s shoreline is the public entitled to? Commission seeks clarity

Providence Journal – 12/9/21

Episode 112-04-21: Save The Bay – The 95.9 Company Break

95.9 WCRI – 12/7/21

The Gray Seals of Block Island

Block Island Times – 12/4/21

Providence City Council Continues Efforts to Ban LPG Expansion

ecoRI News – 12/4/21

Seals – and Save The Bay Seal Tours – return to Newport Saturday

Cranston Herald – 12/1/21

Save The Bay’s Seal Tours, Sea and Rose Island Tours return to Newport on Saturday

What’s Up Newp – 12/1/21

Newport Seal Tour – Save the Bay Center

Patch – 12/1/21

Letter: Spotlighting stormwater run-off issues

East Bay RI – 11/30/21

The Top 10 Educational Day Trips for Families in the Northeast

Learning Liftoff – 11/30/21

With federal approval of South Fork wind farm, construction could begin early next year

Providence Journal – 11/27/21

Work Planned to Make Popular Quonochontaug Pond and Breachway More Climate Resilient

ecoRI News – 11/26/21

‘It’s getting out of control’: Washington County residents sound off on beach access to state legislative committee

Westerly Sun – 11/20/21

At public hearing, speakers say Rhode Island has a ways to go on shoreline access

The Public’s Radio – 11/19/21

Girard’s Eagle Scout project reminds residents to keep drains clean

The Valley Breeze – 11/18/21

Virtual Artists for The Bay sale to benefit Save the Bay

Warwick Beacon – 11/18/21

Local artists join Save The Bay for the 2021 Artists for The Bay online fundraiser

What’s Up Newp – 11/15/21

Photos of extreme high tides show impacts of sea-level rise in RI

Providence Journal – 11/8/21

Researchers looking for your photos of exceptionally high “king” tides this weekend

ABC6 – 11/5/21

Researchers ask Rhode Islanders to document this week’s king tide

Providence Journal – 11/4/21

Agreement reached to restore public shoreline access on Lee’s Wharf

What’s Up Newp – 11/4/21

Deal will restore public access to blocked waterfront site in downtown Newport

Providence Journal – 11/3/21

Deal reached to clear obstructed right-of-way in downtown Newport, R.I.

Boston Globe – 11/3/21

Agreement Reached to Restore Public Shoreline Access in Newport Harbor

Newport Buzz – 11/3/21

Save The Bay Signs Gateway Center Agreement

Newport This Week – 10/14/21

CRMC Study Commission Visits Newport

Newport This Week – 10/14/21

Mystic Aquarium partners with Save the Bay in effort to expedite sea mammal rescues

Newport Daily News – 10/13/21

New Freshwater Wetlands Rules Create Uniform Buffers

ecoRI News – 10/11/21

Save the Bay kicking off fall & winter nature cruises, seal tours Saturday

ABC6 – 10/8/21

Pawtuxet River Trail cleanup is today

Warwick Beacon – 10/7/21

Save The Bay’s Exploration Center and Aquarium officially moving to Gateway Center

What’s Up Newp – 9/29/21

International Coastal Cleanups at Salter Grove

Friends of Salter Grove – 9/23/21

Fane Tower + PVDFest + Save The Bay Celebrates 50 Years

Patch – 9/17/21

Visions of New Green Space Dance On Defiled Public Street

ecoRI News – 9/9/21

City Council Approves Save the Bay Aquarium Rental Agreement

Newport This Week – 9/9/21

Educational Partners Have Made a Difference

Newport This Week – 9/9/21

Newport City Council unanimously approves lease of the Gateway Center to Save the Bay

Providence Journal – 9/4/21

City Council unanimously approves lease of the Gateway Center to Save the Bay

Newport Daily News – 9/3/21

Save The Bay calls on Rhode Island volunteers to #ConnectAndCollect at Ocean Conservancy’s 36th annual International Coastal Cleanup

What’s Up Newp – 9/2/21

City Council Expected to Approve Save the Bay Lease

Newport This Week – 9/2/21

Project to revert Kickemuit Reservoir into tidal estuary begins

East Bay RI – 9/1/21

Here is the negotiated lease agreement between Save the Bay and Newport for the Gateway Center

Newport Daily News – 8/31/21

RIDOT Breaks Ground for Birch Swamp Road/Schoolhouse Road Project in Warren

Construction Equipment Guide – 8/25/21

New Gateway Tenants Being Considered

Newport This Week – 8/19/21

A new tenant is ready to occupy the Gateway Center in Newport. See who it is.

Newport Daily News – 8/17/21

Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Passed by Senate Would Provide $275 Million to Launch Whitehouse-Created Recycling Fund

Sheldon Whitehouse – 8/14/21

Neighbors battle family of McKee’s top aide over plan to build on wetlands

WPRI – 8/12/21

Members named to commission considering overhaul of RI coastal council

Providence Journal – 8/12/21

Phragmites runs rampart in local waters. Do its benefits offset the harm?

Newport Daily News – 8/3/21

Offshore Wind Industry Faces Pushback From Commercial Fishing Groups

Zenger News – 8/1/21

Public Street Right-of-Way Restored

Providence Daily Dose – 7/30/21

2021 Best of Rhode Island: Editor’s Picks

Rhode Island Monthly – 7/30/21

In Providence’s industrial core, new public access to the shore

Boston Globe – 7/27/21

Getting to the meat of shellfish matter in RI over pricing, shortages and closures

WJAR 10 – 7/24/21

R.I. Coastal Resources Management Council chair resigns

The Public’s Radio – 7/23/21

Local nature photographer shows off work in unlikely venue

The Independent RI – 7/22/21

Save The Bay’s 45th annual Swim canceled due to fog 

What’s Up Newp – 7/17/21

More than 150 swimmers will participate in Save the Bay’s 45th annual Swim on Saturday

What’s Up Newp – 7/15/21

Who picks up the trash after big storms in Rhode Island?

Boston Globe – 7/14/21

Save the Bay Swim for Narragansett Bay (and Virtual Open)

WindCheck Magazine – 7/14/21

What happens when you use fertilizer on your lawn?

The Public’s Radio – 7/12/21

As High Tides Swell, Warren Officials Urge Redevelopment

ecoRI News – 7/12/21

Advocates say Rhode Island’s new balloon ban law does not go far enough

Boston Globe – 7/12/21

Rhode Island making progress on next ‘Green Report Card’ but work remains

Boston Globe – 7/12/21

Save the Bay Swim returns on July 17, a portion of Narragansett Bay will be closed to vessel traffic during the event

What’s Up Newp – 7/9/21

Video Now: Save the Bay’s Exploration Center and Aquarium reopens

WPRI – 7/5/21

East Providence Erosion Project Brings Shoreline to Life

ecoRI News – 7/5/21

Former Olympian Beisel finds new way to make a impact

The Independent RI – 7/2/21

Save the Bay’s Exploration Center & Aquarium reopening

ABC6 – 7/2/21

General Assembly approves ban on intentional release of balloons

What’s Up Newp – 7/1/21

Rhode Island native and Olympian hosts swimming clinic for kids

WJAR 10 – 6/30/21

Save The Bay’s Exploration Center and Aquarium at Easton’s Beach will reopen on July 5

What’s Up Newp – 6/29/21

Common Good Preached to Help Protect Vulnerable Waterfront Neighborhood in Portsmouth

ecoRI News – 6/28/21

Former DEM chief Janet Colt named to lead U.S. fisheries office

Providence Journal – 6/21/21

Celebrating National Iced Tea Month with Granny Squibb’s

WPRI – 6/16/21

Stormwater Runoff Takes Bite Out of R.I.’s Vulnerable Coastline

ecoRI News – 6/14/21

Save The Bay kicks off the swim season with a youth swim clinic led by Elizabeth Beisel

What’s Up Newp – 6/9/21

Sen. Reed: COAST Act Would Protect RI Beaches and Narragansett Bay From Catastrophic Oil Spills

Insurance News Net – 6/4/21

RI coastal regulators back South Fork Wind Farm, over objections from fishermen

Providence Journal – 6/2/21

Save The Bay brings back Taste of The Bay as a fundraiser for partners in the local food and beverage industries

What’s Up Newp – 6/1/21

Granny Squibb’s Launches a New Cocktail in Time for Summer

Rhode Island Monthly – 5/27/21

Granny Squibb partners with Rhode Island Spirits to benefit Save The Bay

What’s Up Newp – 5/26/21

Informal Collaboration (Un)paves the Way to Cleaner Almy Pond

ecoRI News – 5/20/21

Quahogging new waters: Section of Providence River to open for shellfishing

ABC6 – 5/19/21

Rising Seas, Coastal Development Endanger Indigenous Culture

ecoRI News – 5/17/21

Matunuck Village One Big Storm Away from Substantial Destruction

ecoRI News – 5/10/21

Rhode Island House Passes Ban on Intentional Balloon Releases

Newport Buzz – 5/4/21

Mother Nature, Humans Do Battle Along R.I.’s Battered Coast

ecoRI News – 5/3/21

Nuisance Flooding More Than a Hassle for Touristy Watch Hill

ecoRI News – 5/3/21

Saving the light

Warwick Beacon – 4/22/21

Save the Bay Launches “Old School” Art Contest for K-12

GoLocal Prov – 4/22/21

Lottery, virtual options in place for annual Save the Bay Swim fundraiser

Newport Daily News – 4/15/21

Save The Bay will open registration for its 45th annual Swim fundraiser on April 15

What’s Up Newp – 4/13/21

Citizen scientists count 357 seals in Narragansett Bay during Save The Bay’s annual Bay-Wide Seal Count

What’s Up Newp – 3/31/21

Aquatic Invaders Are Taking Over R.I.’s Fresh Waters

ecoRI News – 3/31/21

Volunteers turn out to plant beach grass in effort to protect Fogland Beach in Tiverton

Newport Daily News – 3/29/21

3 Volunteer Trash Cleanup Organizations in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Monthly – 3/18/21

Save The Bay’s Newport Seal Watch Tours return this weekend

What’s Up Newp – 3/5/21

Legal Filings Question Champlin’s Marina Agreement

ecoRI News – 2/22/21

Secret Expansion of Block Island Marina Pushes CRMC Board’s Deficiencies Into Spotlight’s Bright Glare

ecoRI News – 2/11/21

Bill Designed to Make Rhode Island Act On Climate

ecoRI News – 2/4/21

‘Yes on 2’ campaign launches in support of $74 million 2021 Beach, Clean Water, and Green Bond question

Uprise RI – 2/2/21

Bay blasting approved to make way for submarine traffic between Quonset, New London

Westerly Sun – 1/24/21

Proposed Changes to R.I. Wetland Buffers Cause Agita

ecoRI News – 1/10/21

Support Rhode Island Nonprofits in Need This Holiday Season

Rhode Island Monthly – 12/16/20

Save the Bay and Westerly work together to repair Avondale marsh

Westerly Sun – 12/8/20

New Book About Saving Narragansett Bay

Rhode Island Monthly – 8/5/20

Plans for New Wind Port at Controversial South Quay Advance

ecoRI News – 7/20/20

New Rocky Point Fishing Pier Now Open

Newport Buzz – 7/1/20

Warmer and Wetter Cause Big Problems for Little Rhody

ecoRI News – 5/15/20

Advocates Told to Slow Down on R.I. Climate Action

ecoRI News – 3/9/20

Exploring Rhode Island’s Iconic Lighthouses

Newport Daily News – 2/21/20

In Warren, planning for rising sea levels

Providence Journal – 2/16/20

Save The Bay Opens Registration for Summer BayCamps

GoLocal Prov – 2/5/20

DEM wants your Christmas tree to sleep with the fishes

Providence Journal – 1/7/20

Save The Bay Announces New Touch Tank Featuring Sharks

GoLocal Prov – 12/25/19

Providence River Dredging Concerns Save The Bay

ecoRI News – 11/19/19

In Matunuck, doubling down on a wall

Providence Journal – 11/15/19

Warwick, DEM, Save the Bay Team to Restore Longmeadow Fishing Access

Warwick Post – 11/15/19

CRMC Approves Controversial Matunuck Seawall

ecoRI News – 11/13/19

Save The Bay to hold cleanup leader training session

NK Standard-Times – 8/14/19

Water-quality monitors say swimming in Pawcatuck River, Little Narragansett Bay not advisable

Westerly Sun – 8/13/19

Rhode Island on Pace to Have Most Beach Closures in Past Ten Years

GoLocal Prov – 8/8/19

After string of beach closures, Governor’s Bay Day highlights how to preserve the bay

WJAR 10 – 7/29/19

Save the Bay: Volunteers collect 320 pounds of trash at Oakland Beach in Warwick

WJAR 10 – 7/12/19

Chariho Tech students help complete restoration at Quonnie salt marsh

Westerly Sun – 6/3/19

New pier highlights the effort to clean the bay

WJAR 10 – 5/20/19

Save The Bay debuts accessible public pier at Fields Point

WPRI – 5/20/19

Save The Bay releases 2018 Narragansett Bay Seal Monitoring Report, confirms stable seal population

East Providence Reporter Today – 2/7/19

Sensational Seal haul onto the scene at Save The Bay’s Exploration Center and Aquarium this February

My Backyard: News from Wrentham to Rumford – 2/6/19

Rhode Island Natural History Survey Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Citizen Science

ecoRI News – 2/6/19

Budget plan calls for adding state park staff

Providence Journal – 1/17/19

Save The Bay and partners to develop water quality improvement plan for Hundred Acre Cove

East Providence Reporter Today – 1/17/19

Harbor Seals in Narragansett Bay

Rhode Island Monthly – 1/11/19

Save The Bay Working to Clean up Hundred Acre Cove

ABC6 – 1/11/19

Crazy, Cool Fish in Spotlight at Save The Bay’s Exploration Center

Cranston Herald – 1/10/19

Historic Sabin Point Park Beach in East Providence to Reopen After Nearly a Century

GoLocal Prov – 12/20/18

$2 million dredging project begins at Quonochontaug Pond

Westerly Sun – 12/16/18

R.I.’s Plastics Task Force Focused on Statewide Bag Ban

ecoRI News – 12/16/18

The Granny Squibb’s Company Releases New Organic Iced Tea

BevNet – 12/14/18

VW Settlement money speeds environmental projects in R.I.

Providence Journal – 12/7/18

R.I. events, Nov. 29 weekend

Providence Journal – 11/27/18

R.I. bazaars, festivals, Nov. 29 weekend

Providence Journal – 11/27/18

Picks of the Week Nov. 22 to Dec. 2

Westerly Sun – 11/22/18

Artists for The Bay Show & Sale showcase local art, jewelry Nov. 29

Warwick Beacon – 11/20/18

The Uprising! November 16, 2018

Uprise RI – 11/16/18

Catch a glimpse of harbor seals with Save The Bay tour service

Providence Business News – 11/16/18

R.I. events, Nov. 15 weekend

Providence Journal – 11/13/18

20+ things to do in Newport County this Weekend

Newport Daily News – 11/10/18

Newport, Rhode Island for Families

Wherever Family – Blog – 11/9/18

National Grid empowers employees community service

Providence Business News – 11/9/18

National Coastal Resilience Fund receives $29 million in grants

WPRI – 11/9/18

R.I. receives $280K from federal coastal resilience fund

Providence Journal – 11/9/18

Take to the Water for the Best Newport Boat Tours

New England Today – 11/8/18

Bay habitats featured at Save The Bay center & aquarium

Warwick Beacon – 11/8/18

Discovery Deck Opens at Seamen’s

Newport This Week – 11/8/18

Save The Bay’s Newport Seal Tour Season launches on Saturday, Nov. 10

What’s Up Newp – 11/7/18

$47M sought for environmental projects

WJAR 10 – 11/2/18

Ballot questions target education, environment

Warwick Beacon – 11/1/18

Opinion: Vote yes on Question 3

Providence Business News – 10/31/18

Ferguson receives environmental merit award

Providence Business News – 10/26/18

For nonprofits, less is more on political advocacy

Providence Business News – 10/26/18

Rules near for renewables on farms and open space

ecoRI News – 10/25/18

LNG Waterfront Project Receives Federal Approval

ecoRI News – 10/22/18

Question 3 supports bikes, farms and climate action

ecoRI News – 10/17/18

Investing in a Greener Cleaner Future for RI

Convergence RI – 10/15/18

Yes on 3: Save The Bay holds rally in support for the Green Economy and Clean Water Bond

Uprise RI – 10/13/18

State leaders really in support of $47 million in environmental bonds

WPRI – 10/12/18

$47.3 million Green Economy and Clean Water Bond a Necessity, say officials, environmental advocates

Providence Journal – 10/12/18

Save the Bay: Newport’s very own aquarium

Mosaic, Salve Regina University’s Student Newspaper – 10/11/18

State bond questions to be outlined

Jamestown Press – 10/11/18

DEM says little harm caused by thousands of gallons of spilled gasoline

ecoRI News – 10/8/18

DEM hopes environmental impact from Providence gasoline spill will be limited

Providence Journal – 10/4/18

Allens Avenue to reopen after tanker truck spills nearly 11,000 gallons of gasoline

ABC6 – 10/4/18

State bond details to be outlined Oct. 9

Jamestown Press – 10/4/18

Nixon named to state task force to reduce pollution in ocean

Jamestown Press – 10/4/18

DEM, Save the Bay monitoring environmental impacts of fuel spill

WPRI – 10/4/18

Fall River workshop highlights Taunton River’s effects on Narragansett Bay

Taunton Gazette – 10/3/18

Fall River’s assistant harbormaster saves swan from possible death

New Daily News – 10/3/18

With a kiss, Fall River’s assistant harbormaster saves swan from possible death

The Herald News – 10/3/18

Members of task force to tackle plastics pollution appointed

Cranston Herald – 10/3/18

Members of task force to tackle plastics pollution appointed

Cranston Herald – 10/3/18

Carson, Euer to Preview Ballot Questions During Constituent Meeting

GoLocal Prov – 10/2/18

Swansea Conservation Agent Colleen Brown recipient of regional award

South Coast Today – 10/2/18

Carson, Euer to Preview Ballot Questions During Constituent Meeting

GoLocal Prov – 10/2/18

Swansea Conservation Agent Colleen Brown recipient of regional award

South Coast Today – 10/2/18

Fall River workshop highlights Taunton River’s effects on Narragansett Bay

Providence Journal – 10/1/18

Governor Raimondo announces co-chairs and members of Task Force to tackle plastics pollution

What’s Up Newp – 10/1/18

Brayton Point Power Station Demolition Underway

ecoRI News – 10/1/18

Taunton River Workshop Highlights Taunton River’s Effects on Narragansett Bay

Providence Journal – 10/1/18

Workshop to focus on Health of Taunton River

New England Boating – 9/30/18

Save the Bay continues shoreline cleanups

East Greenwich Pendulum – 9/29/18

Brilliant blue lobster finds middle school refuge

East Bay RI – 9/27/18

Outdoor adventure store Denali camps out on Thayer

Brown Daily Herald – 9/26/18

New England regulators scale back Atlantic herring catch

Providence Journal – 9/25/18

Crane Barge Remains Stuck in Providence River

Providence Journal – 9/24/18

Nature Cruises presented by Save the Bay return for Fall

ABC6 – 9/24/18

Mike Jarbeau, Save The Bay

ecoRI News – 9/24/18

Atlantic Herring Quotas May Be Cut Again

South Coast Today – 9/23/18

The Nature Conservancy, WPWA recognized with EPA awards

Westerly Sun – 9/23/18

Atlantic Herring Quotas May Be Cut Again

Providence Journal – 9/22/18

EPA awards for replacing lead pipes is an emotional win for town

The Valley Breeze – 9/18/18

Industry Buzz

SNEWS We Know Outdoors – 9/17/18

Cyclists cross four bridges to benefit Save The Bay

East Bay RI – 9/17/18

Another Successful Cleanup!

Friends of Salter Grove – 9/17/18

Council considers oyster restoration area

East Greenwich Pendulum – 9/15/18

Homeschool is Cool on Narragansett Bay

WindCheck – 9/15/18

International Coastal Cleanup-Conimicut Shoreline Cleanup

Warwick Beacon – 9/15/18

More than 2,500 people take part in Save The Bay’s Coastal Cleanup

WPRI – 9/15/18

4 Bridges Ride to impact local traffic this weekend

Portsmouth Press – 9/14/18

Georgiaville Pond cleanup

The Valley Breeze – 9/14/18

International Coastal Cleanup – 9/14/18

Beach Cleanup is Sunday, Sept. 16

Block Island Times – 9/14/18

International Coastal Cleanup- Warwick City Park

Warwick Beacon – 9/14/18

Rhode Island Organizations and Residents Recognized by EPA for Environmental Achievements – 9/13/18

Cache In, Trash Out at Slater Park

The Valley Breeze – 9/13/18

We all share blame for littering, and we can all help too

Cranston Herald – 9/13/18

We all share blame for littering, and we can all help too

Warwick Beacon – 9/13/18

State coastal cleanups get started at Salter Grove

Warwick Beacon – 9/13/18

Providence Area Alumni Event: Shoreline Cleanup in Somerset, MA

UMASS Amherst Calendar – 9/13/18

International Coastal Cleanup- East Bay Bike Path

Patch – 9/13/18

Grasshoppers an unexpectedly important ecosystem – 9/12/18

Newport Seal Watch Tours with Save The Bay

Warwick Beacon – 9/12/18

10 Fun Things to Do in Newport, Rhode Island with Kids

Ciao Bambino! – 9/12/18

Volvo Ocean Race Newport Stopover Team among those recognized by EPA for Environmental Achievements

What’s Up Newp – 9/12/18

EPA N.E. honors locals with 2018 Merit Awards

Providence Business News – 9/12/18

Annual Four Bridges Bike Ride will roll across Rhode Island this weekend

What’s Up Newp – 9/12/18

URI student research: Grasshoppers an unexpectedly important player in salt marsh ecosystem

URI Today – 9/11/18

Two Coastal Cleanups in Portsmouth on Saturday

East Bay RI – 9/11/18

Understanding baitfish and the predators on their tails

Southern Rhode Island Newspapers – 9/8/18

Local cleanups planned to coincide with statewide Save The Bay efforts

Newport Daily News – 9/7/18

Rhode Island’s 2018 International Coastal Cleanups will take place at sites in Providence and across the state on September 15th

What’s Up, Rhode Island – 9/6/18

Guest Opinion: Farmers market and land trust are a true partnership in Charlestown

Westerly Sun – 9/4/18

DEM reports increase in enforcement actions

WJAR 10 – 9/1/18


Rhody Green Blog – 8/31/18

The little gelatinous blobs on the beach? Salps.

Block Island Times – 8/31/18

Party on a Half Shell

Providence Media – 8/31/18

DEM’s Wetland Designations Expected by End of Year

ecoRI News- 8/31/18

R.I. volunteer opportunities

Providence Journal – 8/30/18

Sewage overflow closes shellfish areas

Jamestown Press – 8/30/18

R.I. DEM reports more enforcement actions

Providence Journal – 8/30/18

Northern Lighthouse Tour in Providence, September 15

RoadTrekin – 8/29/18

State Representative District 4 Primary Preview

The Bay – 8/28/18

Volunteers are needed for Save The Bay’s annual beach cleanup

Westerly Sun – 8/28/18

Save the Bay coastal cleanups gearing up again

Warwick Beacon – 8/23/18

How To Do Labor Day Weekend In Newport

Discover Newport – 8/22/18

Save the Bay to offer beach cleanup leader training for 2018 International Coastal Cleanup

Newport This Week – 8/22/18

My Turn: Kevin Cleary: Preserving our Pristine Environment

Providence Journal – 8/17/18

Time To Wake Up: Wildfires are getting Wilder (Statement) – 8/16/18

Letter: Council makes much ado about plastic

Westerly Sun – 8/15/18

Burrillville: Building Invenergey’s power plant in direct conflict with Raimondo administration’s environmental and energy goals

Uprise RI – 8/15/18

20+ Things to Do in Newport County August 13-16

Newport Daily News – 8/12/18

Beisel swims at 42nd Save The Bay Event

Narragansett Times – 8/11/18

A Win for the Taunton River

My Backyard: Local news from Wrentham to Rumford – 8/11/18

Newport County organizations seeking volunteers

Newport Daily News – 8/10/18

The Use and Misuse of Charity: the Luck of the Draw in a Predatory System – 8/10/18

Letter: William J. Eccleston: Proposed natural gas plant would harm ecology

Providence Journal – 8/9/18

Olympian leads swimmers across East Passage

Jamestown Press – 8/9/18


Newport Buzz – 8/8/18

Power over Solar: RI seeks to strike development balance

Providence Journal – 8/8/18

RITBA will celebrate 50th Anniversary of Newport Pell Bridge in 2019Power over Solar: RI seeks to strike development balance

What’s Up Newp – 8/7/18

Residents, business owners behind the idea of banning single-use plastics in Westerly

Westerly Sun – 8/7/18

Hungry science: surf students research coastal food web dynamics

University of Rhode Island – 8/6/18

Warm and Welcoming – with a Summer Breeze….(and an Upcoming Contest – Scroll Down!)

Charlestown Land Trust Farmers Market Blog – 8/6/18


Convergence RI – 8/6/18

Gillooly’s perseverance pays off

Woonsocket Call – 8/5/18

Mayor says city will challenge appeals court EPA decision

Taunton Gazette – 8/5/18

Gallery: Views of Narragansett Bay

Providence Journal – 8/4/18

Olympian Beisel, hundreds of others swimmers celebrate wicked clean Narragansett Bay

Providence Journal – 8/4/18

Swimmers save the bay in open water swim in Newport, Jamestown

Newport Daily News – 8/4/18

Closures Announced for Save The Bay Swim

WADK – 8/3/18

Westerly Town Council to take up issue of single-use plastic items

Westerly Sun – 8/3/18

Tropical Gulf Stream travelers take center stage at Save The Bay’s Aquarium this month

My Backyard: Local news from Wrentham to Rumford – 8/2/18

Save The Bay’s 42nd annual Swim fundraiser takes place on Saturday

What’s Up Newp – 8/2/18

Local swimmers set to participate in annual Save The Bay crossing

Jamestown Press – 8/2/18


New England Boating – 8/1/18

More than 700 expected to participate in Save The Bay Swim

Newport Daily News – 7/31/18

Narragansett Boating Advisory Issued Ahead of Save The Bay Swim

GoLocal Prov – 7/31/18

Ultimate Lighthouse Tour with Save The Bay – 7/30/18

Marine Science in Narragansett Bay

Hanna Instruments Blog – 7/30/18

Opinion Piece: My Turn: We have duty to protect God’s creation

Providence Journal – 7/29/18

Wild and scenic: 12 towns and nearly a decade of work could lead to federal designation for 7 rivers

The Day – 7/28/18

Philanthropy Calendar, July 27, 2018

Providence Business News – 7/27/18

News Briefs

Newport This Week – 7/26/18

All Hands on Deck

Newport This Week – 7/26/18

Island History

Jamestown Press – 7/26/18

Beach litter can be killer problem for marine life 

The Narwhal’s Left Tooth – 7/23/18

Town council discussed plastic bag ban

NK Standard-Times – 7/22/18

Young people get involved in planting demonstration rain garden at Ninigret

Westerly Sun – 7/21/18

Beach litter can be killer problem for marine life

The Independent RI – 7/21/18

Dam removal project at Shady Lea Mill underway

The Independent RI – 7/20/18

Restoring Ninigret Coastal Salt Pond helps Protect coastline

Newport Patch – 7/20/18

Nine Great Activities to Bring Childhood Back

Newport This Week – 7/19/18

Volunteers needed for annual Save The Bay swimming race

Jamestown Press – 7/19/18

North Kingstown moves toward plastic bag ordinance

The Independent RI – 7/19/18

Scholarships benefit local students

Narragansett Times – 7/16/18

A Walk in the Woods: A Vital Forest Ecosystem in Jeopardy

ecoRI News – 7/14/18

Woonsocket nonprofit gives boost to families in one of the RI’s neediest communities

Providence Journal – 7/13/18

Save The Bay Swim added to Waterkeeper Alliance’s SPLASH series

Providence Business News – 7/13/18

Art, Environment Speakers Bring Urgency, Advocacy

Newport This Week – 7/12/18

Advocates’ plea: Protect forest connection, say no to power plant

The Valley Breeze – 7/11/18

PBS Community Conversation: Is Narragansett Bay Too Clean?

Rhode Island Sea Grant – 7/11/18

Two RI Teachers Receive Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics & Science Teaching

GoLocal Prov – 7/10/18

Are Rhode Island Beaches Safe to Swim? – Not Always

GoLocal Prov – 7/10/18

If Invenergy builds a power plant in northwest Rhode Island, this is what we lose…

Uprise RI – 7/10/18

Opponents of Burrillville power plant point out potential threats

WPRO – 7/10/18

Activist groups, officials host hike to illustrate opposition to Burrillville Power Plant

Providence Journal – 7/10/18

Forum: Art + Environmental Advocacy At The Newport Art Museum

The Public’s Radio – 7/9/18

Opposition group to visit proposed Burrillville power plant site ahead of final hearings

Providence Business News – 7/6/18

Save the Bay offers lighthouse tours

The Valley Breeze – 7/5/18

Three projects honored with Environmental Awards by the Western Dredging Association

EcoMagazine – 7/3/18

RIDEM, Save The Bay Start Final Phase Of North Kingstown Dam Removal Project

The Public’s Radio – 7/2/18

Dam Removal Restores Fish Passage to Mattatuxet River

ecoRI News – 7/2/18

Northern Bay Lighthouse Tour with Save The Bay

Warwick Beacon – 7/2/18

Have you taken the pledge? Save The Bay needs your help to combat litter

WPRI – 7/2/18

How is South County preparing for rising tides?

The Narwhal’s Left Tooth – 6/30/18

10 Great Things to do in RI This Weekend

GoLocal Prov – 6/29/18

In focus: the future of RIs salt marshes

Press Release Post – 6/28/18

On This Day In Newport History – June 28, 1969: Newport Bridge Opens For First Time

What’s Up Newp – 6/28/18

An annual check in and check up on the health of Narragansett Bay

Convergence RI – 6/25/18

Governor gets more CRMC-Appointment power

ecoRI News – 6/24/18

Yes, It Matters What Motivates Business Philanthropy

Nonprofit Quarterly – 6/22/18

2018-06-21 / Calendar

Newport This Week – 6/21/18

2018 WEDA Environmental Excellence Awards Receives More Nominations Than Ever

International Dredging Report – 6/20/18

Ultimate Lighthouse Tour with Save The Bay

The Bay – 6/19/18

Providence ShipBoard Camp with Save The Bay

Warwick Beacon – 6/19/18

Bill stipulating appointees to R.I. coastal management council advances

Providence Journal – 6/19/18

Charlestown Town Council backs ‘Wild and Scenic’ designation push for Wood-Pawcatuck watershed

Westerly Sun – 6/18/18

Newport County Summer Beach Guide

Newport Life Magazine – 6/18/18

Friends Celebrate Pomham Rocks Lighthouse Restoration

East Providence Patch – 6/18/18

Friends Celebrate Pomham Rocks Lighthouse Restoration

East Providence Reporter Today – 6/18/18

Sailing and Science Camp with Providence Community Boating Center and Save the Bay

Warwick Beacon – 6/14/18

Save The Bay Annual Meeting & Taste of the Bay – 6/14/18

Providence Junior BayCamp with Save The Bay

Warwick Beacon – 6/13/18

Three-Time Olympic medalist Elizabeth Beisel will lead two youth and teen swim clinics for Save The Bay

What’s Up Newp – 6/13/18

Museums, mansions, parks offering free admission to local this weekend

Newport Daily News – 6/12/18

Roger Williams-Rumford Grange No. 52 2018 Community Citizen Award David J. Kelleher

East Providence Reporter Today – 6/12/18

Save the Bay Announces 2018 Environmental Award Winners

GoLocal Prov – 6/10/18

Save The Bay announces 2018 Environmental Award Winners

Find Climate Answers – 6/10/18

Birds of the Bay Soar at the Save The Bay Exploration Center and Aquarium this June

My Backyard: Local News from Wrentham to Rumford – 6/8/18

16 local attraction will offer free admission for Newport County residents and hospitality employees, June 16-18

What’s Up Newp – 6/7/18


Newport Buzz – 6/7/18

No LNG in PVD! floods the State House

Uprise RI – 6/7/18

No LNG in PVD floods the State House amid CRMC reappointments

RI Future – 6/7/18

Our Top Beach Picks for This Summer

East Providence Reporter Today – 6/6/18

Bill aims to clarify makeup of environmental board

Providence Journal – 6/6/18

Local couple hoping their iced tea brand will become a Rhode Island mainstay

Westerly Sun – 6/2/18

Providence is Hoping Scituate Reservoir can Save its Economy

Providence Journal – 6/1/18

Local restaurant to begin using paper straws

WPRI – 5/31/18

No LNG in PVD! demands representation for environmental justice communities on the CRMC

Uprise RI – 5/30/18

Rainbow Girls help Save the Bay

Westerly Sun – 5/28/18

Chariho Tech students help to restore marsh grasses

Westerly Sun – 5/28/18

Biomass Bill that Supports Special Interest Over Science Exposes Statehouse’s Long Disregard for Environment

ecoRI News – 5/27/18

Ferry trip complements visit to race village

Jamestown Press – 5/24/18

Island History / 25 years ago

Jamestown Press – 5/24/18

Activists plans to swim entire length of Narragansett Bay

The Public’s Radio – 5/23/18

Students get dirty restoring salt marsh

ecoRI News – 5/23/18

Clean Water Advocate to Swim Entire Length of Narragansett Bay

ABC6 – 5/22/18

Celebrating Newport’s VOR stopover and sobering news from Point Nemo

Sail World – 5/21/18

Rhode Island continues to lead fight against marine pollution at Volvo Ocean Race

What’s Up Newp – 5/18/18

Vestas 11th Hour Racing Engages with Save The Bay

Sail World – 5/18/18

Vestas 11th Hour Racing Engages with Save The Bay

Yachts and Yachting – 5/18/18

Vestas 11th Hour Racing Engages with Save The Bay

Newport Now – 5/17/18

Vestas 11th Hour Racing Gives Back

Newport Now – 5/17/18

Newport This Week Calendar

Newport This Week – 5/17/18

Newport Art Museum to Welcome Joan Hall’s Sea of Heartbreak

Newport Now – 5/16/18

Vestas 11th Hour Racing joins Save The Bay for marsh project

Newport Daily News – 5/15/18

Digging a healthier marsh in Tiverton

East Bay RI – 5/14/18

Hands-on exhibit opens eyes to ocean environment

Newport Daily News – 5/13/18

Wood River watershed study complete

NK Standard-Times – 5/12/18

Good Turnout for Salter Grove Cleanup on April 29

Friends of Salter Grove – 5/11/18

Vestas captures bronze in leg to Newport

Jamestown Press – 5/10/18

R.I. debates limiting solar farms on forested lands

Providence Journal – 5/10/18

One Ocean Exploration Zone will open on Saturday at Volvo Ocean Race Newport Stopover Race Village

What’s Up Newp – 5/10/18

Exhibits to See on Display

Newport This Week – 5/10/18

RI debates limiting solar farms on forested lands

Providence Journal – 5/10/18

Save The Bay files Superior Court complaint seeking guidance on appointments to CRMC

The Independent RI – 5/10/18

My Turn: John Torgan – Designation will help protect R.I. Rivers

Providence Journal – 5/9/18

After years-long study, region’s rivers are closer to ‘Wild and Scenic’ designation

Westerly Sun – 5/8/18

Podium Finish for Hometown Team Vestas 11th Hour Racing in Volvo Ocean Race

Ready About Yachting – Blog – 5/8/18

Two-state support for Wild and Scenic Designation for Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed’s Seven Rivers

ecoRI News – 5/7/18

Save The Bay brings starfish, crabs and other sea life to class

Narragansett Times – 5/6/18

Summer Travel/Best Beaches

Globe Magazine – 5/6/18

Beisel thrilled to join NK Hall of Fame

The Independent RI – 5/3/18

URI students receive Black Scholar Awards for outstanding achievement

URI Today – 5/3/18

Beisel Named Save The Bay’s Swim Ambassador

GoLocal Prov – 5/2/18

3 R.I. beaches named to Boston Globe best in New England list

Providence Business News – 5/2/18

The 20 best beaches to visit in New England

Boston Globe – 5/2/18

Registration opens for 2 Portsmouth athletic events

Portsmouth Press – 5/2/18

Elizabeth Beisel Heads Back Home To Help

The Daily News of Open Water Swimming – 5/1/18

Lighthouse to Open With a Celebration on The Rocks

East Providence Reporter Today – 5/1/18

Environmental Anthropology: An Anthropologist’s View of a Cove Cleanup

Alma Gottlieb – Blog – 4/30/18

Her boss is polarizing, but she is reassuring, local environmental advocates say

Providence Journal – 4/28/18

The Uprising, April 27, 2018

Uprise RI – 4/27/18

“Save the Bay” launches New App to Submit Pictures, Report Problems

ABC6 – 4/26/18

NBC10 I-Team: No Action on Crane and Barge Six months after sinking

WJAR 10 – 4/26/18

Save The Bay looking for shoreline cleanup leaders

Westerly Sun – 4/26/18

Save The Bay files complaint for Declaratory Judgment on Coastal Resources Management Council Appointees

RI Small Business Journal – 4/25/18

Save The Bay’s Stone on Need for Clarification on Governor’s Appointments

GoLocal Prov – 4/24/18

Watershed Moment: Five Bay-Friendly Living Practices for Homeowners

Newport Life Magazine – 4/24/18

Earth Day Call to End Plastic Pollution: Whitehouse

Middletown Patch – 4/23/18

Senator Whitehouse marks Earth Day with a call to end plastic pollution

Newport Buzz – 4/23/18

Whitehouse, clean water advocates sound alarm on ocean pollution

WJAR 10 – 4/23/18

Earth Day Cleanups In Rhode Island

NewsRadio 920 AM & 104.7 FM – 4/23/18

Portsmouth to hold Earth Day cleanups

Portsmouth Press – 4/23/18

Save the Bay marks Earth Day with cleanups

WPRI – 4/22/18

Save The Bay files complaint in Superior Court over Governor Raimondo’s CRMC appointments

Uprise RI – 4/22/18

Jo-Ann Ryan: Time for city to ban plastic bags

Providence Journal – 4/21/18

Save the Bay asks court to rule on appointments to CRMC

Westerly Sun – 4/21/18

Wright (lower back stiffness) exits early in rehab start; PawSox rally to win in 11

Providence Journal – 4/20/18

Fishy phenom: First Taunton Mill River herring run in two centuries caught on camera

Taunton Gazette – 4/20/18

Fishy phenom: First Taunton Mill River herring run in two centuries caught on camera

Wicked Local Berkley & Raynham – 4/20/18

Save the Bay hosts shore cleanups across the state

Narragansett Times – 4/20/18

Save the Bay’s Misquamicut Beach cleanup is set for April 28

Westerly Sun – 4/20/18

Save The Bay Files Complaint Against Raimondo on CRMC Appointees

GoLocal Prov – 4/20/18

Become a RI Beach Cleanup Leader

New England Boating – 4/20/18

Letter: We need to work to keep Barrington Beach clean

East Bay RI – 4/19/18

Save the Bay calls for “Citizen Water Reporters”

GoLocal Prov – 4/19/18

Seal population healthy in Bay

Jamestown Press – 4/19/18

Your Weekend Rundown in RI Celebrate Earth Day, pie fight for a good cause, and much more

Providence Online – 4/19/18

Save The Bay to hold Volunteer Beach Cleanups throughout RI

GoLocal Prov – 4/18/18

Agawam Hunt, Nature conservancy announce access agreement

East Bay RI – 4/16/18

Save The Bay to hold volunteer Earth Day cleanups on April 21, 22 and throughout April

RI Small Business Journal – 4/16/18

Land trust eyes 30+ acres off Market Street

East Bay RI – 4/12/18

Volunteer opportunities in RI for children, families

Providence Journal – 4/5/18

Harp Seals Sign of Activism Success

Newport This Week – 4/5/18

One Ocean Exploration Zone to dazzle all ages at Volvo Ocean Race Newport Stopover next month

What’s Up Newp – 4/4/18

Narragansett Bay Seal County Tallies 423 animals

New England Boating – 4/4/18

RI environmental advocates hope Block Island balloon ban goes statewide

WJAR 10 – 4/4/18

Statewide Ban on Plastic Bags and Polystyrene is a Slog

ecoRI News – 4/3/18

Whitehouse and Portsmouth business owners highlight $30 million in new funding for coastal improvements nationwide

What’s Up Newp – 4/3/18

Carbon Tax Bill Moves Slowly Despite Need for Urgency

ecoRI News – 4/2/18

My Turn: Kendra L. Beaver: Is R.I. cracking down on pollution?

Providence Journal – 4/1/18

The Old World Grandeur of Newport

Élan Magazine – 3/22/18

DEM advises upper bay communities of plastic debris washing ashore

East Bay RI – 3/15/18

You’ll never guess who’s living in Narragansett Bay

RI Parent Magazine – 3/14/18

South County’s aging dams have a chance at an afterlife

South County Life Magazine – 3/13/18

RI DEM tracks plastic debris washing ashore in Warwick

WJAR 10 – 3/9/18

RI’s South County beaches avoid major damage after last weekend’s storm

The Public’s Radio – 3/7/18

Sea-king a volunteer opportunity? Join the volunteer staff at Save The Bay’s Exploration Center and Aquarium

My Backyard: Local News from Wrentham to Rumford – 3/5/18

Opponents rally around offshore drilling’s risks

ecoRI News – 3/5/18

Rhode Islanders march against offshore drilling

Narragansett Times – 3/4/18

Has RI Starved its enforcement watchdog?

Providence Journal – 3/3/18

Hundreds turn out for meeting on offshore oil drilling

The Public’s Radio – 3/1/18

Activists break through at Offshore Drilling Protest

ecoRI News – 3/1/18

Protesters march from State House to Marriott in opposition to offshore drilling

Uprise RI – 3/1/18

Protesters urge federal government not to allow drilling off Rhode Island’s coast

WPRI – 2/28/18

Raimondo, Local Groups to protest offshore oil drilling proposal

WPRI – 2/28/18

Rhode Islanders to Feds: No Offshore Drilling Here

Providence Journal – 2/28/18

Seal of Approval

Newport Life Magazine – 2/23/18

Time to Make Your Vacation Escape Plan

Boston Globe – 2/14/18

Legislators vow to fight offshore oil drilling proposal

Westerly Sun – 2/13/18

Rally to Protect New England’s Coast From Offshore Oil Drilling

ecoRI News – 2/13/18

Ocean State Officials Pledge to Halt Offshore Drilling

ecoRI News – 2/13/18

Newport Winter Festival Calendar

Newport This Week – 2/8/18

The Hummel Report: When Charity License Plate Flops, Refunds take long road home

Providence Journal – 2/8/18

February is most active month for seals in Narragansett Bay, Save The Bay is celebrating with seal themed activities and tours

What’s Up Newp – 2/7/18

Fishing Report: Should we drill for oil and gas off RI coast?

Providence Journal – 2/7/18

Island History

Jamestown Press – 2/1/18

Replenishing the Waters “Gives Back” to the Wild

Newport This Week – 2/1/18

Trump’s oil plan fuels opposition

Jamestown Press – 1/25/18

RI Gov. Proposes $48.5M Environmental Bond

The Public’s Radio – 1/25/18

10 Ways to “Go Green” in 2018 with Sabato of Save The Bay

GoLocal Prov – 1/23/18

Government shutdown forces postponement of offshore drilling meeting in Providence

Providence Journal – 1/22/18

Are we not eco? A deep dive into the weeds of climate change policy in RI

Convergence RI – 1/22/018

Opposition mounts in R.I. to proposed offshore drilling go-ahead

Providence Journal – 1/21/18

10 Great Things to do in Newport This Weekend – January 19, 2018

GoLocal Prov – 1/19/18

Touisset man hopes state will ban blue marine styrofoam

East Bay RI – 1/19/18

Legislators file bill against Trump offshore drilling plan

Portsmouth Press – 1/19/18

Senator Euer and Representative Carson introduce bill to prevent oil drilling off Rhode Island coast

Uprise RI – 1/16/18

Newport legislators to file bill to defend against Trump administration’s plan to open coasts to drilling

What’s Up Newp – 1/16/18

Using Dredged Material to Improve a Salt Marsh

The Military Engineer – 1/15/18

Rhode Island Climate Policy Butts Heads with Special Interests

ecoRI News – 1/15/18

8 Ways to Have a Super Weekend

Providence Online – 1/11/18

R.I. Wants to Speak with Zinke about Offshore Drilling Proposal

ecoRI News – 1/11/18

My Turn: Richard Burroughs: how much can R.I. ratepayers afford?

Providence Journal – 1/10/18

7 Reasons to Not Be Snowed in this Weekend

Providence Online – 1/5/18

Corvias sponsors 2018 Family Membership Days at Save The Bay Exploration Center & Aquarium7 Reasons to Not Be Snowed in this Weekend

My Backyard: Local News from Wrentham to Rumford – 1/4/18

Corvias sponsors 2018 Family Membership Days at Save The Bay Exploration Center & Aquarium

What’s Up Newp – 1/2/18