Mutiny at Bay Camp

BayCampers -on-rock
BayCamp is a pretty great experience for kids who have completed kindergarten through 12th grade. And it’s one always our education specialists’ favorite times of the year.

Twas the summer of ’18 and all through the Bay,
Kids were running wild on a warm summer day.

We had stopped by Rose Island, to learn of it’s wonder,
Who could have known this would be such a blunder?

After a tour in the barracks of the past,
The campers rebelled, in an instant, a flash!

They went from mere children to a mutinous crew,
There was nothing we could do to resist their coup!

So hear me this day, after surviving their attack,
When the campers rebel, just break for a snack.

Just take a quick break, get out of the sun,
Because a day at Bay Camp is a day meant for fun!

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