Planned Giving

A Legacy Worth Leaving

Save The Bay’s Seagrass Society honors individuals who remember Save The Bay in their will. A bequest is a simple and meaningful way to make a gift to Save The Bay.

If you have already made your will, your attorney can add an amendment (codicil) providing for the bequest to Save The Bay. Bequests can be in the form of a specific dollar amount, real or personal property or a percentage of your estate.

Why the Seagrass Society?

In Narragansett Bay, seagrass is a precious and crucial habitat. Seagrass beds are a primary source of food and shelter to an abundance of marine life. They are the foundation for a healthy Bay. The Seagrass Society ensures the long-term financial health of Save The Bay.

Who qualifies for membership?

  • Individuals who remember Save The Bay in their will and who notify us of their intention.
  • Individuals who establish an endowed fund at Save The Bay (contact Maureen Fogarty at 401-272-3540 x126).

How do I make a bequest gift to Save The Bay?

Making a bequest gift is easy. The following sample wording may assist you and your attorney:

  • A specific bequest: “I leave the sum of (amount) to Save The Bay, Narragansett Bay.”
  • A residuary bequest: “I leave (X percent) of all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate to Save The Bay, Narragansett Bay.”
  • A contingent bequest: “I give (amount) to my niece, Alice, if she is living, otherwise to Save The Bay, Narragansett Bay.”

I have remembered Save The Bay in my will. How do I join the Seagrass Society?

It’s easy. Contact Maureen Fogarty and we will send a welcome packet to you. Although we do not require you to tell us the details of your estate gift, it is helpful in Save The Bay’s long-term planning.

For more information on establishing an endowment, please contact Maureen Fogarty at 401-272-3540 x109