On The Water

On The Water

We’d love to see a Narragansett Bay that’s fully swimmable, fishable, healthy, and accessible to everyone. And all who enjoy our local waters—whether that’s in it, on it, or around it— can help keep it clean by practicing a few simple, responsible tips.

1. Keep Litter Out of the Water.

  • Take extra care that fishing line doesn’t end up in the water to entangle and endanger wildlife.
  • Keep a bottle, can, or anything to use as a portable ashtray for your cigarette buts; then dispose of it in a trash can.
  • When boating, dispose of trash properly when you get back to shore. Never throw litter overboard.
  • Pick up trash you see floating in the water.

2. Pump Out Properly

  • When boating, never dump raw sewage into the water.
  • Store your waste in a holding tank and pump it out at a designated pumpout station.

3. Avoid Spills

  • When fueling up your boat, use a funnel and don’t overspill.
  • Keep bilge water clean by using a bilge sock to absorb oil.
  • Store used oil in a covered container and turn it in at a designated oil recycling facility.