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  • Save The Bay advocates for tough new pollution limits for Brayton Point Power Station in Somerset, Massachusetts. The plant’s owner – PG&E – currently draws nearly 1 billion gallons per day of Mount Hope Bay water to cool its generators, and then discharges the water back into the Bay. This causes two serious impacts to Mount Hope Bay. Hundreds of millions of fish eggs and larvae are destroyed when the water is drawn into the plant. And the water is returned to the Bay at much higher-than-normal temperatures, repelling fish and interfering with normal migration and feeding patterns. The new limits dramatically reduce the amount of water the plant will be allowed to use.
  • Executive Director Curt Spalding testifies before the Joint Congressional Commission on Oceans, calling for a coordinated national habitat restoration effort. Read his testimony.
  • Working with 212 volunteers, including scuba divers, snorkelers, kayakers and eelgrass tiers, Save The Bay completes an extensive effort of transplanting over 21,000 eelgrass plants at three large-scale sites and four test sites in Narragansett Bay.


This Day In History: June 4th, 2012

  • Explore The Bay is selected by the US EPA to participate in the White House Summit on environmental education
  • Voter approval of Clean Water and Green Space Bond Referenda
  • Successfully pushed CRMC to undertake a Special Area Management Plan to address coastal erosion and hazards.

STB Milestone: 2011

  • Save The Bay launches K.E.Y.S (Keep educating young scientists) campaign to support its Explore The Bay education program.
  • Save The Bay meets the grant match to begin building its second custom built education vessel M/V Elizabeth Morris.
  • Save The bay is instrumental in defeating the Hess LNG proposal
  • A record number of swimmers in the 35th STB swim (465)

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