Dave Gumbley and Bob Haiken, 2015 Volunteers of the Year

2015 Volunteers of the Year

Dave Gumbley and Bob Haiken

Over the last few years, Dave and Bob have quietly “made their mark” by performing some heavy duty labor for Save The Bay, and all of it free of charge. Together, they have logged countless volunteer hours constructing shelving units in the Abrams Boat House, painting classroom walls, helping to a repair work at the Bay Center, and perhaps their most impressive accomplishment of all: painting the exterior of the Bay Center, a project that consumed the better part of last summer, and all with little (if any) help from anyone else.

Dave Gumbley and Bob Haiken have followed similar volunteer paths at Save The Bay, starting their volunteer journeys in 2002. Both gentlemen worked in the field performing restoration and monitoring work with our Habitat Team. At one time earlier in his volunteer days at Save The Bay, Bob trained as a docent. Dave assisted with shoreline cleanups. They have both completed stints as CVS Charity Classic parking lot volunteers.

Together, these two make a formidable team of do-it-yourselfers who have seemingly endless talents in allowing us to frugally – yet very capably – maintain our facilities in “ship shape.” These men shun the spotlight, preferring to work quietly behind the scenes with little fanfare, but it is high time that we recognize them for their extraordinary commitment as volunteers for Save The Bay. Congratulations are overdue for many tough jobs completed with finesse by this volunteer duo!