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Help Us Meet The Challenges of the Next 50 Years

The cleanup of Narragansett Bay over the past nearly 50 years is a national success story.

Save The Bay has successfully fought on behalf of the Bay against ill-conceived and damaging industrial projects, raw sewage, toxic industrial waste and poor government oversight.

But in many ways, these challenges pale in comparison to the extraordinarily complex, subtle and unrelenting threats of the next 50 years, including:

  • Population Pressures
  • Climate Change
  • Constrained Government

With your support, our 50th Anniversary Campaign will propel Save The Bay into the next half-century by strengthening our capacity, increasing our flexibility and providing the financial foundation needed to persevere against emerging environmental threats and sustain our strategic commitment to future generations.

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Why Save The Bay?

Save The Bay is the only advocacy organization whose sole mission is to protect and improve Narragansett Bay. We are singularly focused on doing whatever is necessary to ensure your Bay is protected, preserved and treasured. We are uniquely equipped with the public support and expertise to mobilize people and groups with diverse interests toward real environmental progress in Narragansett Bay. Our strength lies in our broad base of support and our unwavering commitment and passion.

Why now?

Polluted runoff, excessive nutrients, accumulating toxins, overfishing, declining biodiversity, warming sea temperatures, rising sea levels and coastal inundation all represent grave and urgent perils that will demand our attention over the next 50 years. Our vision is a Bay that is healthy, swimmable, fishable and accessible to all. Because every generation deserves a Bay with no limits.

We would like our children and grandchildren to live in a place where the air is clean, the water sparkles and nature thrives. It seems to us most of the world would agree with that desire. However, few have the motivation and perseverance to strive for that to happen. Save The Bay does! That is why they are so worthy of our support.
Ruud and Laurie Bosman, campaign donor

About the Campaign

The 50th Anniversary Campaign will position Save The Bay to lead the continued cleanup of Narragansett Bay into the next half-century.

With your support, we will enhance and sustain our advocacy, education and restoration efforts over the long haul. We will strengthen our ability to defend the Bay, on the spot, against urgent and unexpected environmental threats and to persevere in long-term responses to population pressures, climate change and constrained government. And we will complete our vision for urban public access to the Bay at Fields Point.

Our campaign is built around four core funds, each one designed to strengthen our capacity, flexibility and financial foundation to needed to combat emerging environmental threats and sustain our strategic commitment to future generations.

Bay Defense

Bay Defense

GOAL: $2.0 million
PURPOSE: Create a rapid response fund for environmental threats

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Organizational Sustainability

Organizational Sustainability

GOAL: $3.4 million
PURPOSE: Provide recurring financial support

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Public Access

Public Access

GOAL: $0.6 million
PURPOSE: Expand visitor capacity and reduce carbon footprint

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Capacity Investments

Capacity Investments

GOAL: $2.0 million
PURPOSE: Make strategic investments in organizational capacity

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Ready to be a Bay Champion?

Contribute to the campaign using the form below, or contact Joan Abrams at or 401-272-3540 x126 to discuss your options for becoming a Bay Champion.

Dear Fellow Save The Bay Supporter,

It's hard to believe Save The Bay is nearing its 50th anniversary. In those 50 years, Save The Bay has achieved extraordinary progress on the cleanup of the Bay, and it could not have happened without the generosity and dedication of countless people like you. You have long understood the value of a determined advocate with expertise and credibility to stand up and fight on the front lines. Your support for Save The Bay over the years has mad our Bay an integral part of Rhode Island's economy and a tremendous aesthetic and recreational treasure for locals and visitors alike.

A few years ago, Save The Bay conducted a survey to understand more fully personal connections to the Bay. For some, it is fish, swimming, sailing or digging for clams. For tohers, it is boating, surfing, diving or walking along the shore. For most, it is simply the peace and serenity that comes from the senses: feeling the ocean breeze, hearing the waves, tasting the salt air, seeing the expanse of blue. The fact is, whether we live 20 feet or 20 miles from the shores of Narragansett Bay, we are all truly lucky to call this beautiful estuary and its watershed part of our home, our backyard.

Still, no law or nature guarantees continued progress. The threats of the next 50 years are subtler and more challenging than ever before. As citizens who love and enjoy Narragansett Bay, we must all persist in our support of Save The Bay's continued protection of Rhode Island's greatest natural asset for the next generation.

we are proud and honored to lead Save The Bay's 50th Anniversary Campaign because we know that Narragansett Bay would not be the Bay we love and enjoy today without Save The Bay's perseverance since that first fight in 1970. We also know that we need Save The Bay to continue to fight for another 50 years, so that Narragansett Bay becomes ever cleaner, ever safer, ever more bountiful for generations to come.

Your gift to Save The Bay's 50th Anniversary Campaign is vital to ensuring this organization remains strong and thriving, to continue its work protecting and improving the Bay we love so much. We invite you to join us in making a gift today.

Thank you!
Cheryl & Dr. Andrew Nathanson, Co-Chairs ; Kate and Aidan Petrie, Co-Chairs

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*Please note:  Be sure to access the Johnson & Wales University Harborside Campus through the main entrance on Harborside Blvd. Your GPS may suggest taking Ernest Street to JWU’s Shipyard Street entrance, but that route requires a key card for entry.  

From Route I-95 North or South, take Exit 18 (Thurbers Avenue). Head downhill on Thurbers Avenue to US Route 1A (Allens Avenue). Turn right onto Allens Ave. Continue southbound on Allens Ave. into Cranston, where Allens Ave. becomes Narragansett Blvd. Turn left onto Harborside Blvd. at the traffic light by the Shell gas station. Follow Harborside Blvd. through the Johnson & Wales Harborside Campus. At the end of Harborside Blvd., turn right onto Save The Bay Drive. Save The Bay Drive becomes a circular, one-way roadway as you approach the Bay Center. Parking is available in four guest lots after you pass the main building. Enter the building through the main entrance.