Bay-Friendly Backyards

At first glance, your yard might be the last place you would look for pollution sources to the Bay. However, manicured landscapes — if not properly managed — can have harmful effects on the health of salt marshes and water quality.  

Excess fertilizer and pesticides run off your yard and flow directly to the Bay. This runoff ends up over-fertilizing the Bay and contributing to those smelly, summertime algal (seaweed) blooms. The algal blooms can lead to fish kills and also make the Bay less enjoyable for swimming.

The good news is that you can help!  Even if you don't live on the water, your actions matter.

Take a look at our Bay-Friendly Backyards book to get ideas for your home landscape.

Click here for the URI/CRMC Coastal Plant and nursery list

To protect coastal habitats, Save The Bay:

  • encourages smart development that protects the public’s right to access the coastline.
  • works to assess threats to salt marsh health and to restore healthy, functioning marshes.
  • supports efforts to restore water quality and has transplanted eelgrass to several areas around Narragansett Bay. We continue to plant small areas to assess their ability to support eelgrass habitat.
  • is working to restore scallops using caged spawner sanctuaries in the salt ponds.