Gaurav and Amol Rathore, 2021 Bay Volunteers of the Year

2021 Volunteers of the Year


Brothers Gaurav and Amol Rathore have established a family tradition of excellence, dedication and leadership in Save The Bay’s volunteer program.  

Gaurav started as a volunteer in the shoreline cleanup program in 2017 at age 14, and quickly became one of our most outstanding volunteers. He quickly became a cleanup leader, leading at least 24 cleanups so far and engaging hundreds of volunteers. In addition, he has also begun fighting water pollution by marking storm drains in East Greenwich, R.I. 

Amol began volunteering at cleanups alongside his older brother and, in 2020, he took charge of the storm drain marking effort in East Greenwich. Storm drain marking became a primary focus in Save The Bay’s 2020 volunteer program because it could be done safely as an independent project during the pandemic. Of the many volunteers working on the project, Amol marked 390 drains – more than any other volunteer. Amol is eager to train as a cleanup leader as well and plans to organize cleanups in 2021. 

Gaurav and Amol Rathore are both dedicated, inspirational volunteers for Narragansett Bay and well-deserving of the Volunteer of the Year honor.