Meadowbrook Farms Elementary School students, 2021 Bay Students of the Year

2021 Bay Students of the Year


In 2018-2019, second grade Meadowbrook Farms Elementary School students Amelia Riley, Eva Mulrooney, Sophia Brown, Charlotte Barrett, Natalie Ucci, Gwyn Xynellis, Kayla Washburn and Juliette Christopher, and their fearless principal Neil Marcaccio, started a community-wide campaign to raise money and awareness for Save The Bay’s beloved snapping turtle, Bowser.

Bowser is a common snapping turtle that was rescued and brought to Save The Bay’s Exploration Center and Aquarium nine years ago. The tank he had been living in for all that time sprung a leak, and was beyond repair.  Hearing this information during one of their programs with Save The Bay’s education team, the students jumped into action. They started aBowser-thon” campaign that lasted over a month and involved their whole school community.  Through good deeds, lemonade stands and bake sales, the students raised $2,000, allowing us to secure a brand new tank for Bowser.  Bowser has been comfortably living in his new tank since March 2020.  We are excited to bring these students back to the Exploration Center and Aquarium to see the results of their creativity, hard work and dedication, and are thrilled to honor them as our 2021 Students of the Year.