Policy and Governance 

Save The Bay...

  • Advocates for laws and policies that protect Narragansett Bay, its watershed, and the coastal environment. We are active where key decisions are made - in the State Houses of Rhode Island and Massachusetts and in the halls of Congress. We propose environmental laws to safeguard the Bay, and support public investments in Bay cleanup and restoration. 
  • Fights legislation that threatens the well-being of Narragansett Bay. Each year we set and pursue legislative priorities.
  • Monitors the actions of government agencies charged with protecting the environment. We analyze the impacts of a wide range of policies and proposals - from wetlands protection to major development projects in high-risk coastal areas to pollution from cesspools - and advocate for policies that safeguard the Bay. Our Narragansett Baykeeper and South County Coastkeeper serve as our primary watchdogs.
  • Champions the people's right to enjoy the Bay with peace of mind. We strive to increase public awareness of these issues by mobilizing our members, supporters other organizations to speak out and take action. As a result, major successes have been achieved through improved water quality, restored habitats, reformed dredging policies, oil spill prevention laws, and the restoration of river systems.

Save The Bay was founded on the community’s desire to protect our most precious resource — Narragansett Bay - and our work is paying off. Today the Bay is cleaner and healthier, with a balance of uses, and it continues to be an economic driver for our region.  To protect the gains we have made, and to deal with newer threats like erosion and habitat loss from climate change, we will have to remain vigilant in our advocacy at all levels of government.