John Long

A resident of Pawtuxet Village since 1970, John Long (67) has participated in two Save The Bay Swims. He also swims regularly in Jamestown's Mackerel Cove and, in the off-season, at McDermott Pool. "I never thought I'd be swimming like this," John says, "but thanks to terrific friends, like the late Win Wilson, I'm doing it."

He works in Business Development at Eastern Book Co., Westbrook, ME, and in Consulting (publisher services) with John Long Associates.


John and his wife Linda have a son, Tom, and two grandchildren: Courtney (12) and Joey (9). They spend vacations canoeing, fly fishing, hiking and swimming in the North Country near Moosehead Lake in Maine.

A graduate of Barrington College (now merged with Gordon College), John did his graduate studies at Brown University in English. Below is one of his poems about which John says, "I always try to convey what I am seeing, so it is especially good when readers connect with that vision; also it's both funny and strange to me since it is almost like watching a film of what I'm seeing (at that very moment) from a mind's eye camera."


Watching at Beavertail

A white tug with a tall upper wheelhouse is towing
a fuel barge, heading southwest toward Block Island Sound;
plowing into glittering, ocean swells
on a hazy, autumn afternoon.

We are watching from the cliffs:
offshore weather systems pushing waves to
six or seven foot heights,
cascading in eruptions of foam,
their marbleized faces lifting to
acute angles,
a tumbling, golden jade;
toppling, riding each others’ backs,
breakers ramming sandstone cliffs,
jumping the cliff face—
geysers shooting straight up
sounding like fifty canons going off.

Beavertail visitors seem dazed,
perhaps in awe-- 
an incontestable power. 

© 2009  All rights reserved by John Long, 31 Lawn Ave., Warwick, RI 02888