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Thanks for celebrating with us!

Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival

Be entertained, inspired and empowered by some of the most popular short films in this Wild & Scenic national tour.

Green Landscaping Workshop
Saturday, APRIL 17
Join us for this FREE workshop filled with great tips and excellent buys on everything you need to go green in your backyard! View photos from the event.

40/40 Earth Day and Save The Bay
Saturday, APRIL 24

Thanks for celebrating 40 years of Earth Day and 40 years of saving the Bay by participating in a cleanup near you!

Annual Meeting
Thursday, MAY 13
Come hear Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Sprague Theobald talk about his recent epic journey via yacht across the Northwest Passage. View award winners.

34th Annual Bay Swim
Saturday, JULY 17
A record number of 433 swimmers made the 1.7-mile journey from Newport to Jamestown this year.
View Swim results, photos and stories.

Rock the Boat!
Celebrating 40 Years with Save The Bay
Friday, OCTOBER 1

Thank you for joining us in a Bay celebration at the Squantum Club.
Meet our sponsors, view photos, watch the "Rockin'" Surfin' USA dance video and more.

Artists for Save The Bay Opening Reception
Thursday, NOVEMBER 18

Kick off your holiday shopping at this exhibit of unique and local Bay-themed art. View artwork for sale through Dec 28.

We chose “Strength in Numbers” for our 40th Anniversary theme because for 40 years we have been successful by bringing together a community of citizens who care deeply about Narragansett Bay and its nearby coastal waters.

We’ve been the squeaky wheel; we’ve been the voice of reason. We have led noisy rallies; we’ve presided over quiet collaborative meetings. We have served on task forces and coalitions; sometimes we have been out there by ourselves. We have testified before Congress; we’ve leafleted town squares. We’ve always been a force to be reckoned with because of the strength that lies in the number of our members and supporters. They sustain us and make possible our  long-term approach to environmental protection and stewardship.

As you will see, the numbers have added up time and again.
We can't celebrate this milestone without you