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Silver Creek, Bristol


This is the first restriction on Silver Creek, the East Bay bikepath. An artificial sill on this side of the bikepath, likely dating to when the bridge was built, also acts as a tidal restriction. This photo was taken from another tidal restriction, the Route 114 bridge.






 This is the most upstream tidal restriction at Silver Creek, a footpath with a bridge across the marsh. Fill was placed on the marsh to create the footpath, which has allowed Phragmites australis to colonize. This tidal restriction significantly affects vegetation and hydrology of the marsh.




A bare section of the marsh. This mudflat was once covered by low marsh plants. In the last few years it has become denuded, perhaps due to the tidal restriction, and exacerbated by heavy Canada Goose herbivory. 





Silver Creek is in the far background. This photo was taken after a large rain event in 2005. The roads surrounding Silver Creek now flood easily due to historic filling of the marsh which signifcantly reduced the flood storage capacity of the marsh.