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Met School Interns

In the spring of 2007, the MET School's Learning Through Internships partnered with Save The Bay to bring energetic, hard-working interns to the Explore The Bay program. These students, chosen through a traditional interview process, participate in all facets of the Explore program, from organizing and planning programs to teaching children throughout the region all about Narragansett Bay. Through this program, these interns will develop excellent communication skills, an in-depth knowledge of the Bay, and great teamwork skills.  In the spring of 2008, Save The Bay will be joined by Jessika, Anthony, and, in his second year, Dave. These three will be sharing their experiences with their own blogs that you can find below.

Save The Bay is always looking for, hard-working dedicated interns and to help us reach our mission of Protecting, Restoring, and Exploring Narragansett Bay. Find out more about Save The Bay internship opportunities.



Meet Our Current 2008 MET School Interns


David   JessikaAnthony

To visit our Met School interns' blogs, just click on their photos.


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