The Salt Marsh Nursery Program really gets going in February, when we finally get to start growing plants!

The best time to plant is usually just after the February break if you school has one. This gives the plants enough time to grow before school ends, with the fewest number of school vacation weeks to interrupt monitoring and watering schedules. 

Materials needed are:

  •     Spartina alterniflora seeds
  •     Peat moss
  •     Sand
  •     Planting cells or pots and matching trays that can hold water
  •     Mixing bucket
  •     Watering can or hose

First, you need to make a mixture of 50% peat and 50% sand in the mixing bucket.  If you can, this is a good time to add water to the mixture so that it is damp, not dry. 

Next, fill the planting cells or pots three-quarters of the way to the top with the mixture.  Scatter a few seeds on top (4-6 per small planting cells, 10-12  for larger pots) and top dress with a little more peat/sand mixture. 

Place the planting cells or pots in their trays, and add fresh water to fill the tray.  Continue to add fresh water to keep the peat/sand mixture damp. Water the seedlings with fresh water, and be sure that they never completly dry out (especially in hot classrooms or over weekends).  

Seedlings should sprout in 2-4 weeks.

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