Seeds of the S. alterniflora plant are usually collected in late September. It is important to wait to collect until seeds have ripened to the point of almost falling off the stalk, but before the full moon high tide carries most of the seeds away. Late September is usually the best time for seed collection. The photo to the right shows a seed stalk that is ripe and ready to be collected.  

Seed collection can only be done at salt marshes that have been permitted by Save The Bay as donor marshes. Please check with STB staff before collecting to ensure that you are collecting from a permitted marsh. 

There are two ways to collect seeds:

1. If the seeds are still firmly attached to the stalk, you can break off the entire stalk and place it into a bag as shown in the photo at the right, or, 

2. If the seeds are falling off the stalk, you can collect them by running your hand along the stalk, allowing the seeds to fall into your hand.  

Seeds (and stalks, if attached) are then put into bags and stored in a cool, dry place for about two months (around November). 

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