If you are considering joining the Salt Marsh Nursery program, these questions may help clarify what you need. 

Would I like to involve my students in a hands-on restoration project to benefit Narragansett Bay?

Do I have either greenhouse space or south-facing windows with space for tables in an area that can get dirty? 

Is there a water source near my plant growing area?

Can I (along with my students) commit to checking and watering the seedlings several times a week from February through May? 

Are my students and I willing to do work which may be dirty, messy, and sometimes physically demanding?

Will the principal, administration, fellow teachers and maintaince staff of my school support me and my students in this project?

If the anwser to all of these questions is yes, then you and your students are good candidates to participate in our Salt Marsh growing program! Contact Rupa at rdatta@savebay.org or 401-272-3540, x133 for more information. 

For more details about the Salt Marsh Nursery, go through our step-by-step tutorial starting with the first step: Seed Collection.