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Salt Marsh Nursery Program

Salt marshes are one of the most important habitats within Narragansett Bay and they have long been a focus of Save The Bay's restoration efforts. Since 2003, Save The Bay has been partnering with area schools through the Salt Marsh Nursery Program to help grow Spartina alterniflora, or saltmarsh cordgrass in the classroom. S. alterniflora is a crucial component of the saltmarsh community, populating the low marsh area which is flooded by the tide twice a day.  

The Salt Marsh Nursery Program allows students to see a project through from seed collection, to growing plants in the classroom, to planting their seedlings in a saltmarsh that is under restoration. Students not only get to learn about salt marshes and one of the most important plants that grow there, they also get to take an active role in saving the Bay. 

Salt marshes are one of the most important and productive habitats in Narragansett Bay. They protect the land from storms, filter the water that flows through them, and provide vital habitat for many species of birds, fish, and invertebrates. For a long time, salt marshes were considered to be wastelands, and many were filled in to create more land for development. Today, only about half of Narragansett Bay’s salt marshes survive. Save The Bay has been working to protect, restore and preserve these essential habitats through programs such as the Salt Marsh Nursery. 

For more information on the Salt Marsh Nursery Program and how you can get involved, please visit the links below.



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