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Sign up for Rhode Island's specialty "osprey" license plate. More than 2,000 Rhode Islanders are sporting the latest specialty plate in support of environmental education. Half of the $41.50 fee goes to Save The Bay and the Audubon Society of Rhode Island to fund environmental education programs. You'll look smart and, more importantly, you'll take pride in helping reach the goal of having "no child left inside" when it comes to connecting kids with the Bay and its watershed.

The RI Legislature has made important updates to how your Osprey Registration plates will be renewed.  Click here to learn more about these updates. 

Put an Osprey on Your Car

Contact Leslie at lmunson@savebay.org or 401-272-3540 with your name and mailing address to request a License Plate Order Packet. Please note that plate batches are submitted to the DMV on the 15th of every month. Allow approximately 4-6 weeks for processing after the order is submitted to the DMV.

"Conservation Through Education" is more than a slogan. It's one of the most important ways Save The Bay works for the Bay people want. 

License Plate FAQs

Is my vehicle eligible for an Environmental Plate? If you can say YES to all of the following, then you are eligible for an Environmental Education license plate:

Is the vehicle registered in Rhode Island?

Does your license plate have 5 digits or less?  **If you have a 6-digit plate, you may get a 5-digit plate from the DMV. Before submitting the Environmental Plate Order Form, go to the Pawtucket DMV with your 6-digit plates, registration and proof of insurance. For a fee of $21.50, the DMV will issue you a 5-digit, numeric license plate.

Is your registration for regular, passenger vehicles?  Sadly, commercial, combo and other specialty plates cannot have the Environmental Plate. (Please note: this does not include vanity plates – those are perfectly eligible as long as they have 5 or fewer digits). If you are not sure what type of registration you have, look at your registration card. The top center of the card should say ‘PrivatePass.

Can I keep my "vanity" plate numbers/letters? Yes, but only if your plate has five digits/numbers or less. Simply enter your current plate number/letters on the registration form and they will be applied to the new plate.

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Working toward a swimmable Bay 
we all can enjoy.

 Possible with your support. Learn more.

Save The Bay thanks the Rhode Island General Assembly, the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Corrections for supporting this project.

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