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Duck Cove Salt Marsh is a 16 acre salt marsh south of Wickford Harbor that has been degraded by a number of tidal restrictions that limit the amount of salt water received from Narragansett Bay. A causeway built sometime in the 1930s as a hurricane escape route has restricted the tidal flow into the marsh. In recent years the causeway’s culvert has collapsed resulting in an increase in the amount of Phragmites australis in the marsh.

Restoration Efforts

The Duck Cove Neighborhood Association and the Lone Tree Point Neighborhood Association worked in conjunction with Save The Bay to secure funding from Rhode Island Aquafund to develop a restoration plan. Kris Stuart of the Southern Rhode Island Conservation District is the project coordinator.

Elevational surveys by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) were completed in November 1998. This data was used to run a tidal stage stormwater hydrological model. The computer model is assisting the project team in determining the size of the culvert and the water control structures needed to restore adequate tidal flow to the salt marsh.

Photo: Natural Resources Conservation Service

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