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Narragansett Bay has evolved over time and continues to change with each passing generation. View our collection of maps and charts to see how the Bay has evolved.

This page contains many useful maps and images. But none is more important than this interactive map. See how Save The Bay, its partners, members, and volunteers are working for a better Bay and watershed. Learn more and become an active member of the Bay community.

Satellite Image of Narragansett BayNOAA Narragansett Bay Navigation Chart

Google Earth images of Narragansett Bay

Zoom out from Fort Adams, Newport
Zoom out from the State House, Providence

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Historic Maps

Northwest Bay 1892
Northeast Bay 1892
Southwest Bay 1892
Southeast Bay 1892

Northwest Providence 1894
Northeast Providence 1894
Southwest Providence 1894
Southeast Providence 1894

Northwest Providence 1939
Northeast Providence 1939
Southwest Providence 1939
Southeast Providence 1939

Northwest Providence 1947
Northeast Providence 1947
Southwest Providence 1947
Southeast Providence 1947

These maps, courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey, are of particular interest as they record the watershed's loss of wetlands habitat through the years — a trend Save The Bay, its members and community partners have battled for four decades. *A high-speed Internet connection is recommended for viewing these maps.