Our Floating Classrooms


Your students can enjoy a floating classroom aboard any of our three U.S. Coast Guard-certified Small Passenger Vessels. Though each vessel is different, combined, our fleet is equipped with plankton nets and student microscopes for our "Plankton TV," trawl nets, water quality testing tools, touch tanks and everything needed for an up-close experience with the Bay.

Our entire fleet is custom-built to meet or exceed rigid U.S.C.G. regulations for strength, stability, rail height and engineering. Each vessel is inspected annually by U.S.C.G. personnel for seaworthiness, safety equipment and crew training. Our captains are licensed by the U.S.C.G. to operate small passenger vessels after rigorous course, testing and experience, and our crew perform drills quarterly. All Students wear a life jacket while onboard our vessels.

M/V Elizabeth Morris

Built: 2013 by Chesapeake Boats
Hull: Fiberglass
Length: 46'
Beam: 15'
Draft: 4'
Cruising speed: 18 knots
Capacity: 40 passengers, 2 crew

Built and equipped for partially protected waters, M/V Elizabeth Morris is equally at home in the Bay or on Rhode Island Sound. Its Chesapeake Deadrise design provides great stability, shallow draft and efficient fuel economy. Twin davits allow for deployment of water quality testing equipment off either side or the stern. Elizabeth carries student microscope for our "Plankton TV." This vessel has the ability to do year-round programming throughout southern New England.

M/V Alletta Morris

Built: 2001 by Newport Shipyard
Hull: Aluminum
Length: 45'
Beam: 14.5'
Draft: 4'
Cruising speed: 20 knots
Capacity: 33 passengers, 2 crew

M/V Alletta's speed and shallow draft make her ideal vessel for exploring the Bay islands. A roof covers 2/3 of the vessel's length and provides protection from rain. In colder months, curtains fully enclose this section to shelter passengers from the wind and cold. A side davit allows for deployment of water quality testing and other equipment, such as for a bottom grab. Alletta is equipped with a trawl net, water quality testing equipment, plankton nets and a microscope video camera for our "Plankton TV."

M/V Swift

Built: 1998 by Oldport Marine
Hull: Fiberglass
Length: 26'
Draft: 32"
Capacity: 15 passengers, 1 crew

M/V Swift is equipped with tools for water sampling and water quality testing and a plankton net, making this vessel a perfect partner for our 21st-century plankton lab at the Education Center. In summer months, Swift is ideal for landing our Bay Campers on secluded island beaches.