Landscape Management

Did you know...

  • ...most lawns don't need irrigation and can survive droughts by going dormant?

  • ...your soil might not be able to absorb fertilizer at all?

  • ...longer grass is healthier than shorter grass?
  • ...your grass can get up to one-third of its nutrient needs from its own clippings?
  • ...fertilizer runoff from your yard can pollute local waters?
  • ...experts estimate that half of the water we use outrdoors is wasted from wind, evaporation or runoff due to overwatering?

This section of Bay-Friendly Living gives you tips on how to grow the healthiest lawn possible while minimizing runoff pollution from your yard. Learn how to make your yard a sponge, save water, use fertilizers properly and plant a rain garden. Discover the secrets to growing a lawn and gardens that need less maintenance.

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